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Irons coming up way short since yesterdau

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Fri, Jul 31 2020 10:01 AM (1 replies)
  • 84walton84
    6 Posts
    Thu, Jul 30 2020 4:45 AM

    Hi all


    since yesterday I’ve noticed my irons, particularly on approach shots into the green are falling way shorter than they ever have done. I’ve not changed any clubs balls etc. No idea what’s going on.

    i play on iPad only.

    Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Dex000
    58 Posts
    Fri, Jul 31 2020 10:01 AM


    Has anyone else experienced this?


    This happens to me after a good round or or two, or if my average starts to drop too quickly. When that happens, VEM kicks in like some kind of evil counter balance, and all of a sudden approach shots will be fifteen feet short, or wind adjustment will be a couple yards off, or a perfectly struck and aimed putt will magically veer at the last second and skim over the edge of the hole.

    The best way I've found to deal with VEM is to just power through those rounds, learn the signs that VEM is effecting the game, and adjust your game. Once you log a couple less than stellar rounds, the game will equalize and things will go back to normal for a little while before it does the entire thing all over again. 

    You just have to ride the waves.