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Showdown tournament failure

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Mon, Jul 27 2020 9:12 AM (3 replies)
  • RobyzEz
    1 Posts
    Thu, Jul 23 2020 11:23 AM

    Hey Fellow players,


    Started of great with my 1st 6 holes, -2 and all of a sudden 2 matches, 2 players disconnected and my score dropped to +6 and is now +7 after 15 holes.


    Is there any way WGT can look that up and reverse those chances and let me play them again?

  • cnatman
    22 Posts
    Sun, Jul 26 2020 4:35 PM

    I had the exact same thing happen to me on the fourth hole.  I was -1 and four feet from another birdie when my opponent forfeited because he was going to shoot bogey.  I got stuck at the unexpected error loop, and when I clicked cancel and logged back in, I had three bogeys entered for the round.  Unlikely anything will be done.

  • SimonTheBeetle
    1,355 Posts
    Sun, Jul 26 2020 6:47 PM

    The same BS showdown after showdown and the company just keeps on hosting the buggy event without any action taken, not even making an effort to rectify the situation.

    Wow... Just speechless. Very very disappointed by their poor working principles as well as business ethics.

  • carlosdev
    2,101 Posts
    Mon, Jul 27 2020 9:12 AM

    WGT will keep implementing new upgrades without curbing those old glitches.

    Having said that, these new upgrades are double packed with brand new glitches as well. 

    It is a one way ticket. No looking back. New upgrades n moving on.

    If anyone wants some extra fun, Sign up for 300 Cr Wolfy RGO. You will be see some mind-boggling stuff where Dubai Burj Khalifa failed ;) ;) Enjoy

    - Carl