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The Alt-Shot World Challenge "2020"

Fri, Nov 20 2020 10:45 PM (452 replies)
  • kdownunder
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    Fri, Aug 21 2020 3:31 AM

    Hi Paul

    I have kept Tops abreast of what is happening with our game ...   we are playing Sunday 23 August at 9AM South Africa/Europe time = 5PM Australia time.   He was kind enough to give us some leeway due to a death in family of one of the players.


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    Fri, Aug 21 2020 4:21 AM

    I did post nearly 16 hours ago the result of our match but seeing that I am only a bit player who has not been on WGT for long, I can see why I am still moderated!! :))

    Anyway....try again!!

    simovoice/POPPYPEUX win 2&1 vs sarak362366/Sarah91

    After Sunday's unfortunate disconnection problem we finally managed to continue our match @ #15 with simPOP 1up.

    #15 I managed a birdie to put us 2up.

    #16 great approaches put both teams close with Sarah holing an excellent putt to keep the match going.

    #17 wayward tee-shots left Sara in the rough to the right & I to the left down the green. A fine pitch put the Sara(h)s close, all I had to do was get my putt near but I rolled 9ft past. Luckily for me Simo holed out for the win.

    It was a close game against a couple of very unlucky players who on another day would have beat us.

    Thanks again to all

  • Golfdawg01
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    Fri, Aug 21 2020 8:28 AM
    I messaged with Top about this last night and he said it was OK we played early, just to use the posted dates in our future matches. John
  • GripitRipIt777
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    Fri, Aug 21 2020 1:11 PM

    Great match with Efren and Javi. 

    The guys beat us 2 up. Very tight game with my partner keeping us in it.

    Great company and played in a very friendly atmosphere.

    Good luck for the rest of the tournament guys.

    Thanks Bea and Ian 

  • suertenotfound
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    Fri, Aug 21 2020 4:15 PM

    Hello everyone. Today we played our game (GripItRipIt777 & BHeimann1 vs Javito1 & suertenotfound). It was scheduled for last week but we had to postpone it because of a misunderstanding, sorry). It was a great game, with very good moments, a lot of bad luck in the putts and an unbeatable company. Thanks a lot for the good time to Ian and Bea ;)

    The final result is Javito1 & suertenotfound 2up. Greetings to all and take care ;)

  • TdotDoba
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    Sat, Aug 22 2020 3:09 AM

    Thanks all for the replies



  • javito1
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    Sat, Aug 22 2020 5:23 AM
    21 Aug - javito1 and suertenotfound (2UP) defeated GripitRipIt777 and BHeimann1 in a 18-hole Alternate Shot game on CHAMBERS BAY. very good game.- javito
  • carlosdev
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    Sat, Aug 22 2020 6:48 AM


    22 Aug
    carlosdev and topaz53 defeated HoleLion and jason01291 in a 18-hole Alternate Shot game on CHAMBERS BAY.

    Finally, we finished our game. It was a great going n the results could have gone either way. Our oppos were really really good n my Partner made the momentum going on with some excellent putts. We were like AS n 1 UP through out and finally my partner saved us n got a 1 up.
    Ty vm Vipin n Jason for the time. 
    - Carl 
  • RANGER1988
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    Sat, Aug 22 2020 7:36 PM

    Alrighty Fellow WGT'ers, It's time for us to get Round #2 fired up and go Enjoy a great Match on Beautiful Kiawah Island!

    The last Match will be finalized in just a couple of hours, so those of you that see who your opponent is in Round #2 in the Bracket's, feel free to get it rolling!

    ***Just a quick reminder: Please communicate with your opposition, if you have your Match scheduled for a set Date & Time, please make sure you show up to play, Alt-Shot Matches are very difficult to get scheduled for 4 Players as it is, and not to show up for a Match and then try to get it re-scheduled cannot always happen with all of our schedules***

    Round #2 Information:

    Venue: Kiawah Island

    Format: 18 Hole Alt-Shot

    Due Date's: 23rd August-6th September

    Please remember to check out the CTTH and sponsorship thread for chances of winning prizes, and also post your "Live" Matches on the Twitch thread.

    Best of Luck to Everyone

    Top & Dot

  • kdownunder
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    Sun, Aug 23 2020 1:59 AM

    The last game has been played!   Christine67 & kdownunder won by 1 hole in extras in an absolute nail biter for 18 holes against anothernewkid & venna68.      A great game played in good camaraderie which could have gone other way.   Thank you Joe & Jacques and Bernie :)