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The Alt-Shot World Challenge "2020"

Fri, Nov 20 2020 10:45 PM (452 replies)
  • Beeners58
    35 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 1:08 PM

    Cousinzeke1 and Beeners58 - 1st round - Chambers Bay.  It was a great round.  Ultimately, Cuz and Beeners  (Tim and Eileen) won 4 up, but not without NAUGHTYBINATURE and skccvb (Jill and Steve) making a valiant effort all the way.  A lot of laughs and fun was had by all.

  • Borat74
    2,736 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 1:36 PM

    Division B

    Horatiow/Jacobite12 Defeated Borat74/Mlevin  2UP

    Well done fellas.

    4,398 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 1:43 PM

    Hi. Thanks very much for the game,. Phewwwww it was a close one. Went to last hole and putt.


  • bluey403
    1,479 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 1:22 AM

    tseeqhim (Cort) & bluey (Pete) played shellyvan (Shell) & Duffy616 (Dan)

    after a couple of stumbles tryin to get the game started we ended up havin heaps of fun

    Shelly & Dan didnt have much luck , where as Cort & I were lucky enough to jag a few putts. A big shout out to Shell &Dan, very gracious losers. I see where Shelly ads her CC, blondes have more fun,,,, no doubt they do

    Sure there is 1000's of people play WGT but not so many with the the class of shellyvan and duffy Dan

  • LLLlloyd88
    140 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 3:59 AM

    LLLlloyd88/Justripit1 defeated kysunlover/irzy 2 up

    Kat and I had a great round with Tom & Irzy. Back and forth the whole way. Really enjoyed the match!

  • plumbology
    1,029 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 9:15 AM

    match 57

    nadave0616 / plumbology win 6up over  nicnac19 / leggoman13 

    Enjoyed the match and 2 great players

  • pb1711
    1,183 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 1:21 PM

    pb1711 & TAustin1964 win 9 up over TheKnack & Jacqui1965

    Thank You guys!

  • xxblueeyesxx
    433 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 2:07 PM

    xxblueeyesxx and korion450 win 4up over danielT5 and bigjohndough

    thanks guys

  • tony40mo
    496 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 5:57 PM

    FarFoo and Tony40mo win 4up against Umgant11 and vabighack 

    Was a lot of fun some excellent play Steve and Glenn we just had that little bit of luck on the day.


  • julio1235
    224 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 7:37 PM

    Blubear and Julio1235 won 2up vs. KenBTEXAS and vrooomed.

    Some very nice shots were hit into the green and putts made.  Match could have went either way and thanks for the game.