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The Alt-Shot World Challenge "2020"

Fri, Nov 20 2020 10:45 PM (452 replies)
  • TimBeck57
    362 Posts
    Thu, Aug 13 2020 3:31 PM

    PDorland/Timbeck57 defeated Gatorbilly/Stungunz 2&1 Great match and heckuva lot of fun!

  • PDorland
    2,010 Posts
    Thu, Aug 13 2020 3:47 PM

    PDorland and TimBeck57 won 2&1 vs gatorbilly and stungunz.. 

    Tight match all the way and well played on both sides.. Great fun with Billy and Rick and fun guys to banter with.. Well played all!


  • wtobe
    149 Posts
    Thu, Aug 13 2020 8:02 PM

    Had a very good match and am happy to say that wtobe/ rdam1989 pulled out a victory.

    Our opponents were very good players and it was great to play with them.

  • wtobe
    149 Posts
    Thu, Aug 13 2020 8:04 PM

    In a very competitive match, Wtobe and rdam1989 defeated BUCKLEW AND Indian55.

    Thanks for the fun guys.


  • kavvz
    2,195 Posts
    Thu, Aug 13 2020 8:12 PM
    13 Aug
    kavvz and ColumbusStorm defeated pecanvalley and BILLNPATTY in a 18-hole Alternate Shot game on CHAMBERS BAY 

    Good game all enjoyed the chat.
  • ElseMonica
    395 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 1:20 AM

    Babalulu1 & ElseMonica defeted bader76 & Debrug  6/5 yesterday. (6 up)

    Two nice guys, thanks for the game



  • Chicubs10
    21 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 5:04 AM


    Chicubs10/Bshake08 won 3 & 2 vs. BigSwifty/miketexritter.  Fun game gentlemen.

    94 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 9:18 AM

    Driesdp and ESTIENNE won 6 up agains genorb/basilik. What a game it have been. Estienne made an Eagle on the 7 par 4 exel shot and an eagle on the 5.



  • giraldin
    3,675 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 10:48 AM

    Giraldin and Duffr99 win 4 up vs Johan0575 and Fravel

    One of the main reasons I have been playing wgt for almost 9 years is that I was lucky enough to meet good people.

    So first and foremost, I want to put on record that I have been able to meet two good people, Fravel and Johan. I want to thank you from here for your patience, and for wanting to bring our alternate to fruition. I hope I can meet you again, and that we have a pleasant time playing golf.


  • buckwheat1947
    274 Posts
    Fri, Aug 14 2020 10:51 AM

    Team 27 (buckwheat1947/floridaforever) beat team 28 (JEMSS/PRIESTESS) 1 up.

    Willie aka buckwheat1947