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A Course Builder Pet Peeve

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Tue, Jun 30 2020 9:55 AM (0 replies)
  • sario66
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    Tue, Jun 30 2020 9:55 AM

    .I have some questions. Then I have comments for the WGT devs now:


    First, the questions:


    There are no course builder options in the mobile version, nor is there any course builder options that I can see or find in the PCEA version. Are they hidden and I can't find them or they simply don't exist in the mobile/PCEA versions?


    For me the only place where the course builder is available is in the PC desktop flash version.

    Will the course builder and it's options be included in the mobile/PCEA versions after December 2020? Or before then perhaps?


    Now for the comments:


    For me this needs to be addressed and addressed real soon.

    To me it will be a deal breaker if there are no more course builders. That takes away any incentive for our club members and I to play in the club clashes (which are too brutally set up to begin with) to earn more course builders, to go along with the builders that I have already purchased. 


    Playing in those ridiculously brutal clashes coupled with no ability to use custom courses -plus we haven't seen any new courses in an eternity? That just may be enough for me to walk away from this game after 800+ consecutive days...and it will definitely make me stop buying those $200.00/yr. Premier subscriptions that's for sure.


    Thanks in advance.