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Putting in Yards?

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Sun, Jun 28 2020 2:48 AM (0 replies)
  • 6lennn
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    Sun, Jun 28 2020 2:48 AM

    How do I work out some kind of conversion rate when faced with a chip from the fringe that I would rather putt, except the putt stays in yards.

    Today's example

    I was on the fringe with a stated 6 yard chip with 4 inches of incline.

    So I changed to my putter on the 6 yard scale and hit it at 90% as on 10.7 greens

    the Putt traveled 36ft uphill leaving me with  19.6ft downhill 8.9inch next shot


    I'm using the spider lvl35 putter, it has increments of 15ft, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft

    When I changed to it it had increments of 3 yard, 6 yard, and some others?

    Whats going on here? I would prefer to putt as chipping with starter balls often feels like a lottery.

    Thanks for any help