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Cannot change Visibility to Friends

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Tue, Aug 4 2020 11:10 AM (5 replies)
  • dhjam1
    335 Posts
    Sat, Jun 27 2020 11:53 AM

    With the recent android update,  I am no longer able to change my visibility status to friends,The option used to be available from the putting green or if you're in a mach,  but it has been removed.Is there a way to change your status  from the game app , without having to go to the website on PC?

    Before update


    After update


  • MarchieB
    770 Posts
    Sat, Jun 27 2020 12:44 PM

    It is only temporary and will be fixed once new "redesigned" menus are added to the game to replace the current ones. Yes I think they should have left the current one in until that time too, but it is not technically lost forever. 


    As a Mobile player it absolutely Sucks ⚽🏀 as you cannot access that part of this site from a mobile as there is no Flash on Mobile browsers.

    You will need to access this forum page from a laptop/desktop PC, login on the RH of this screen and change it there.

  • Pedy133
    5 Posts
    Tue, Jun 30 2020 5:38 AM

    I am having the exact same issue on iPad. Very frustrating.

  • JURA650
    20 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2020 5:49 AM
    Me too. So frustrating as I only play mobile. Another WGT oversight.....Does anyone know when the new menus and this will be fixed 😡
  • azgolfer56
    59 Posts
    Fri, Jul 17 2020 6:11 AM

    I have the same issue also, I hope the issue will get resolved soon.

  • bossbird
    777 Posts
    Tue, Aug 4 2020 11:10 AM

    Resolved now ! Yippee !