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Getting Closer - Young46 "Wind Aim" Tutorial

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Wed, Jun 17 2020 10:39 AM (0 replies)
  • RickinWaSt
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    Wed, Jun 17 2020 10:39 AM

    Young46 recently (May 22, 2020) put up a tutorial "Wind Aim". He provides a calculation {More about this below.} and 3 examples. He uses the final number to move the grid on the green. Every shot he takes, within 2 yards of the pin! Yea, he's an above average skilled player. However, it is the calculation getting him close.


    I’ve gone back numerous times to the video. I still come away unclear about a small portion of his calculation. Maybe someone can help me out?  


    Young46 presents this formula…


    100 ÷ Distance = A (100 ÷ 166 = 0.602)


    A x 25 = B (0.602 x 25 = 15.06)


    This is where my understanding drops off at 1:15 seconds. Young46 converts the 15.06 to 15 yards. He points out that 15 yards is also the number of yards in ½ grid. 


    He converts the 15Y to 55%, then 60%, then 8.4 yards, ending up with 0.56%. He multiples this number by 4.5 and arrives at 2.52. This refers to the number of grids away from the pin. Boom, he hits a shoot within 2 yards of the pin. 

    Thanks in advance for any clarification!