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Am I being naive?

Mon, Jun 8 2020 12:08 PM (16 replies)
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  • Buzzardp
    5 Posts
    Sun, May 10 2020 3:49 AM

    I have played to a moderate level ( legend 104) winning 25 million playing in just the rooms. So I’m concerned when I can’t get even close to lower level players a lot of the time. A couple have told me they are using pc flash player. Not sure what this is or how it works, but it’s seems extremely effective, it’s not available to Apple users apparently. Questions are, is this legit, should wgt be stopping it, and is it as effective as it seems. 

  • el3n1
    3,806 Posts
    Mon, May 11 2020 9:12 AM

    Coin rooms are notorious for variance, but yes there are also very proficient coin room specialist out there with maxed out apparel and familiarity with the coin rooms.

    They are not using PC Flash, but more likely the "new version or Early Access" or a mobile emulator that allows for a PC player to play coin games.

    In either of those cases, I too have found it easier to play coin games when you have a large screen and a mouse to time the meter.  You are still susceptible to variance and not immune to mistakes or miss dings, but I would say my win rate jumped 10% from when I was strictly playing on a small tablet.  

    There is a version of the Early Access for Apple, but I have read there are some problems with the meter for some people.  Others may have adapted or adjust for it, so it may not be perfect for everyone, but those who work out the kinks likely feel more comfortable on a larger monitor as well.

    The new version released on STEAM which is PC based, will obviously also allow for coin room play.  So clearly it is legit and WGT won't be stopping it.

    Hope that helps.

  • billycash74
    1,692 Posts
    Mon, May 11 2020 9:27 AM

    flash player is for the web browser. WGT was a web based game before it came to mobile. log in and play away. you have to play this version on a pc

  • Buzzardp
    5 Posts
    Tue, Jun 2 2020 2:28 AM

    Thanks for the response, but can’t help feeling, those of us who have enjoyed playing on our phones and tablets are now losing the platform that I thought was intended for us. Very average players using laptops can now dominate. Seems a pity. I had always thought there was deliberate separation, to reflect the capabilities of the differing hardware constraints. Now it seems players who don’t succeed at the online version can be “big fish” against the mobile users. Shame

  • alosso
    20,265 Posts
    Tue, Jun 2 2020 10:18 PM

    The Flash version on PC is the "old", "traditional" version of WGT games. It's not compatible with mobile or PCEA gaming, those players won't come in your way.

    OTOH, WGT has to replace the Flash version as it's due to fall into disrepair in a year or so. They chose PCAE / Steam with a similar concept of games than on mobile and are probably interested to connect these platforms.

    It was no deliberate separation, no reflection on capabilities. They want to have the game available for as many players as possible, and these shall grind it out against each other.

    Now it seems players who don’t succeed at the online version can be “big fish” against the mobile users. Shame
    Wrong perception, IMO. They are NOT against you!

    BTW: I'm on PC because I dislike the flimsy screen of my tablet and I like the mouse control of my game. Also, as a golfer, I'm not interested in the "mobile" games.

  • pdiehm
    183 Posts
    Wed, Jun 3 2020 4:50 AM

    you can connect a mouse to the ipad.  I have connected a logitech mouse for the times I'm working and don't want to be seen on camera holding my ipad....people see me clicking the mouse and no one is the wiser :)

  • Buzzardp
    5 Posts
    Wed, Jun 3 2020 5:28 AM

    It  seems that mobile players can no longer be competitive tho. By spending money with wgt on equipment we can achieve a little more length/control etc,but that cant compensate for the advantages of a mouse and big screen. I have just played a 3 hole game  , 25 mph crosswinds and tournament speed green. Despite this, by as he put it "using the math" he was able to plant every approach shot within 2 yards which is crazy. We dont have the option of "using the math" or calculators spreadsheets etc, on our mobiles. 

    Viewing this cynically, I guess wgt are happy to let us carry on spending money on ever more expensive equipment in a forlorn attempt to compete against players who dont need to buy it.

    Its a pity,

  • alosso
    20,265 Posts
    Wed, Jun 3 2020 8:38 AM

    I hear you - not sure about WGT.

    They will notice when players perhaps "vote with their feet" and the revenue shrinks, and, hopefully, they will react to save their revenue, and the game.

  • Dex000
    91 Posts
    Wed, Jun 3 2020 10:35 AM


    It  seems that mobile players can no longer be competitive...


    It's funny you think this, because I've long thought that the mobile version is much easier than both PCEA and especially flash, and that the players on those platforms were at a disadvantage when playing against mobile players. I've come across quite a few mobile players who somehow made it to Champ level with an average in the 50's on mobile after less than a year playing. Sure, they could all be cheaters, but if they're sandbagging, it says something about the easiness of the mobile game compared to Flash. I moved over to PCEA about six months ago from flash, and I've found that some things are easier on the PCEA while some things are harder, but overall it's the exact same game and both require a ton of practice... And that's not even taking VEM into consideration. 

    As far as using the math... Why can't you use a calculator? Several mobile players use them and spreadsheets. If you want to compete with the top players, you'll need to figure out a way to consistently drop your approach shots next to the hole and improve your high putting average. Some of the top mobile players claim to do this by memorizing how far their clubs carry, but most seem to have spreadsheets and calculators. But even having the exact distances, etc, doesn't guarantee a low score. You'll also need to memorize the greens, become consistent with the meter, and learn how to deal with VEM when it kicks in because you're playing well. 

    I believe that for most of us average players, whether we're mobile, Flash, or PCEA, and whether we use math or memory, it all comes down to practice. 

  • JonCoctosin
    11 Posts
    Wed, Jun 3 2020 11:47 AM

    I wouldn't say you're naive.  I also don't think there is an advantage/disadvantage depending on what device you're using.  Like you, I'm strictly a mobile player in the coin rooms.  After building a significant coin balance, they become irrelevant, I do want to win, and I want to win against the best players.  I try to ask questions if they make a shot that I wouldn't have thought possible.  Most of the time folks are forthcoming.  For your crosswind shot detailed above, I'm guessing they've probably practiced the punch shot quite a bit.  Those players that seem like they have an advantage, they do, they have played a lot, and have practiced a lot, and understand what shot to use for the conditions.  You've built a nice stash of coins so obviously you're winning more than you're losing, play the course, not the opponent, have fun and ask questions.

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