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Apparel and game improvements

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Tue, Feb 2 2021 8:02 PM (2 replies)
  • PrawnHeadSquirt
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    Sat, Apr 11 2020 10:19 AM

    Hi can anyone tell me, if you have 2 items of clothing that both for instance increase putting forgiveness whether the effect is added together or just the highest ie if had 30+ on one item and 25+ on another, do you get 55+ or just the 30+.

  • Eyeswideopen11
    92 Posts
    Fri, Jan 22 2021 7:52 AM

    Hey Prawn I just submitted that same question.  If I get a response I will let you know.

  • bradner604
    636 Posts
    Tue, Feb 2 2021 8:02 PM

    I think they are added together because when I have coin bonus attributes of +2,+3,+3,+2  I see a 10% total coin bonus when i win - so those are adding together.