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Jan Match Play Tournament

Wed, May 21 2014 12:38 AM (123 replies)
  • nivlac
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 3:01 PM

    Could you go through the basic match play rules that we will be following for this tourney or point me in the right direction?

    Match play is really easy.  You play the same way as with Stroke Play, but there are only a few minor differences.  Instead of playing for a final score you are playing to win more holes than your opponent.  Overall score does not matter when deciding the winner, just the holes won.

    Let's say you and I are playing a nine hole match.  We both play the first hole... you score a birdie, I score a par.  You have won the 1st hole.  You are now "1-up with 8 holes to play" or just "1-up" in the match.  I am "1-down".

    We tie on holes 2 and 3 each getting pars on both holes.  As we come to the 4th tee, you are still "1-up", but now there are only 6 holes left to play.  My time is running out.

    Now let's say I get really lucky and birdie #4.  You get stuck in the bunker and end up taking a 6.  This is the critical difference.  If this was stroke play, I would actually be leading you by 2 shots.  Since overall score does not matter in match play, I am not leading.  I might've beaten you by three shots, but I can only win one hole. The match is now "Even".  We've each won a hole and tied the other two.

    Basically you just continue on like that, not counting total strokes, but holes won.  The match is over when one player takes a lead that is larger than the number of holes remaining.

    Let's say I get the upperhand on you in our match and end up winning both holes #6 and #7 after a tie on #5.  As we stand on the 8th tee, you are now "2-down with 2 holes to play" and that's considered being "Dormie."  In other words, you must win both of the remaining holes in order to push the match into a sudden death playoff. 

    There are 3 ways to report the final score for your match.

    • 1-up - If the match is "Even" coming into the 9th hole and Player 1 wins the hole, then Player 1 is considered to have won the match "1-up".  Matches won in sudden death are reported as "1-up / X" where X is the total number of holes it took to decide the winner.
    • 2-up - If Player 1 is "1-up" coming into the 9th hole and also wins the 9th hole, then Player 1 is considered to have won the match "2-up".  This is the only scenario where this score can happen.
    • x & y - This score is read as "X-up with Y holes to play".  If Player 1 is "2-up" on the 8th hole and also wins the 8th hole, then Player 1 is said to have won the match "3 & 1" or "3 up with 1 to play".  If Player 1 is "2-up" on the 7th hole and also wins the 7th hole, then Player 1 is said to have won the match "3 & 2" or "3 up with 2 to play". 

    It should be noted that the first two scores could also be expressed as "1up/2up with 0 to play", but it is proper to drop the "with 0 to play".

    A few other random things worth knowing.  You can "concede" a shot, hole or the entire match to your opponent at any time.  If the match is conceded, the score at the time of concession is the final match score.  You cannot give your opponent any advice at all, whether it be valid or invalid.  You cannot ask your opponent for advice at any time nor can you ask them to concede a shot, hole or match.  That includes but isn't limited to asking what club was used,  if backspin was played or if the shot was a mishit.

    For the purpose of ettiquette, try to keep the conversation to a minimum, although it is recommended to have one player announce the score after the conclusion of each hole so that both players can be aware of the current score at all times.  Any other data transfer can cause your or your opponents shot bar to become jerky and erratic.  The bright orange flashing CHAT box could also be considered a distraction as well.  Please remember to be respectful and courteous of your opponent when it is his or her turn to play.

    Finally, since overall score doesn't count, players are generally inclined to take much more aggresive shots and try for the birdies.  After all, you're trying to do what you can to win the hole, not tie.  If you mess up and triple bogey, oh well.  You've only lost one hole. 

    With that being said, I encourage you to NOT save your final stroke scores while competing in the match play tournament.  You'll be taking risks that you wouldn't normally take whether it be to respond to an awesome shot played by your opponent or by trying to execute a tough shot to put the pressure on.  Don't ruin your averages just for the sake of the tournament.  If it comes down to having to putt out #9 to decide a match winner, then by all means putt it out.  However, if you're both staring at 1 footers for par, then concede the putts to each other, disconnect and get on with the sudden death 

    If you end up in Sudden Death, you'll need to remember who won the 9th hole.  Whoever wins the 9th hole will send the invite for sudden death.  If the 9th hole is tied the player who teed off first on #9 will send the invite.   Sudden death starts on Hole #1 and continues until one player wins a hole and the match ends right there.

    Hard to believe that English was both my worst and least favorite subject eh? :D

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 4:13 PM

    I just want to get this straight before we start: is it going to be nine holes all rounds except the semis and the final?

    P.S. : I'll be posting the link to submit scores tomorrow.

    Awesome!  Having the scores link was the last thing we needed.  Thank you.  Will we have the Raw Data page like we did last time?

    I can guarantee you that the first 3 rounds will all be 9-hole matches.  Probably the 4th round as well, depending on how much time is available.  Match lengths and windows will be posted on the bracket.

  • dmace2
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 5:36 PM



    JNice explanation!

    ust out of curiosity, how does one not save a final score.  When I'm doing stroke play I've assumed that the score counts instantly.

  • nivlac
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 6:16 PM

    At any time while playing (and before holing out on #9) you always have the option to click MENU and then click the QUIT/SAVE option or you can click END GAME/MAIN MENU.  By doing the latter, all the stats from the game you just played will be erased.  Keep in mind that if you win any awards and then quit without saving and finishing the round, you will not receive credit for them in your profile. 

    Also, for the majority of the community it's generally not an accepted practice to do this in stroke play.  Since we're playing match play and the strategy is inherently different, it is acceptable.


  • nivlac
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 11:13 PM

    I've finished the graphic for the tournament bracket.  The names aren't filled in yet but the dates are.  More play-in matches will be added as necessary. 

    Click HERE to see the blank bracket! 

    The Play-In Round, Round 1 & Round 2 will all be 9-hole affairs.  The quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds will be 18-hole matches.

    Remember to use each other's Walls to get in touch and setup match times.  If your opponent does not respond to you, you need to come back to the thread and let us know you can't get a hold of them.  Otherwise, both players will be DQ'ed from the tournament for non-completion.  Also let us know if there is a language barrier between you and your opponent.  We'll try to find someone to help translate if that's the case.  Google translator does a good job for simple common phrases. 

    We're a little under 24 hours away from the first tee here, so if you have any questions about anything, now is the time.

  • seveking
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 3:36 AM

     Nivlac, there's some sort of error with the bracket, when I click on the link it says I can't see that webpage.

    Also, before we start I would like to ask you or anyone who knows how you can post a scorecard on here?  I tried copying and pasting but the option to do that doesn't even appear.


  • seveking
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 4:25 AM
  • nivlac
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 7:45 AM

    Can you still not see it?  The link is working ok from this and my other computer.  My hosting can be flaky at times.

    To take a screenshot, just hit the PRINT SCREEN button.  Then load up MSPaint or some similar art program and PASTE the results into it.  Once you've done that you generally have to upload it somewhere (like a free hosting account) so you can link to it.  There are plenty of free hosting account websites.  I use  They give you 300MB of space on the free account.

  • seveking
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 7:57 AM

     OK, I can see it now. And we're up to 35!

  • nivlac
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 8:00 AM

    Pretty awesome.  We've had such an overwhelming response for this that next month I'm going to consider doing flights, instead of just dividing everyone up by Hack and Amateur.  Flight 1 could be anyone from a 60-65.99 avg and Flight 2 might be anyone from 66 and above.  That way the same people won't be winning all the time and you'll always be competing in a tournament with opponents who are at or around your skill level.  If we have the same or an even greater response next month I'll seriously consider doing it.


    35 entries in so far.  Time is running out!  Sign-ups end @ midnight EST!!

    To sign up for the Match Play Tournament:  SIGN UP HERE

    To view the current entries: CURRENT ENTRANTS

    To view the blank bracket: Click HERE