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Jan Match Play Tournament

Wed, May 21 2014 12:38 AM (123 replies)
  • tibbets
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 7:48 AM

     I agree with Seve...on with your tournament.

    A quick repsonse to AvatarLee:  Scenario#1, I am going first in the match.  It is not unusual to birdie 1,2,3 and par #4.  So  now we are on #5, and assuming no one eagled 1,2,3 ahead of me, or birdied 4(all more rare to see) then I would be first on #5, and that's where my point comes into play.  In fact, in my experiences of multiplayer when going first, this is how it ends up most of the time.  The level of my competition does not seem to change this.

  • nivlac
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 8:28 AM

    True, but I don't know if you actually hit it straight or not.  You might mishit or you might decide to try to be extra sneaky, manipulate the timing slightly and incorporate and compensate for an early/late strike to try and throw me off..  I had thought about doing that myself since you had mentioned it.  It's an obstacle we'll have to overcome and that's all part of the fun.

    Also, I agree that having the higher (#1, #2) seed send the invite would help to even things out a little in the early rounds.  In match play I believe the higher seed does start with honors, so doing it this way is correct.



    19 Entries in so far.  There are still some spots left!  Sign-ups end Sunday!!

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  • seveking
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 10:41 AM

     Going back to the 9 or 18 holes subject, I will accept it if there is a majority of people who want 18 holes, but I still think it would be better with nine.

    As you say Nivlac, with the nine hole match, you might have two bad holes at the start and that is almost the end of your chances. But I think this is good. There has to be an element of surprise, like in real golf and in all sports and, with an eighteen hole match, it will be very difficult for a higher average player to beat somebody that in theory is better than him.

    Having said this, I repeat that if most people prefer to have eighteen holes, I will be glad to play them and I will fully enjoy the tournament all the same.

    By the way, I've thought better and I reckon you should be seed number one, nivlac, and the winner of this tournament should be seed number one in the next one.

  • nivlac
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 11:36 AM

    I guess length depends on how many rounds we need to have.  We've added a few more signups today (22 overall), so we're looking at 5 rounds total in the tournament.  Considering it's already January 10th, we're under a slight time constraint.  We may only be able to do 18-hole matches for the semifinals and finals.

    When it comes down to making the bracket on Sunday I'll try to find the best balance between the number of holes played and the time allotted to complete the tourney while still trying to give everyone ample time to complete their matches.  Since some folks averages have changed since signing up, I'll be using the average you have the moment the bracket is ready to be filled.  That way the seeding will be current as of the start of the tournament.  I'll also be writing on everyone's Wall with the bracket link and with your first round matchup information, so you'll have everything e-mailed to you.  Matches are set to begin on Monday.

    I guess the only thing we need now is a score submission page.  Is there anyone who needs a refresher on how match play is scored, or are we all pretty much good on that?


    27 entries in so far.  Get in while you can!  Sign-ups end Sunday!!

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  • AvatarLee
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 11:37 AM

     That's okay... I don't mind being bumped to #2.... I'm used to not being able to get to #1.... =)

  • marioh
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 3:46 PM

    Up to 26 as of this post.   Is there going to be a cutoff number?

  • nivlac
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    Thu, Jan 8 2009 3:59 PM

    32 would probably be the best, if we're worried about time.  We could also do 33 and have play-in match between #32 and #33, kinda like the NCAA does for basketball.

    If we go past 33 we're looking at 6 rounds.  At that point we can accept up to 65 and still be at 6 rounds.  I guess time isn't really that big of a factor, so I'd say let's fill 'er up and cap at 65.  I doubt we'll get anywhere near that number anyway.


    30 entries in so far.  Get in while you can!  Sign-ups end Sunday!!

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  • geebo7
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 8:44 AM


    I apologize that I missed out on all the "fun" yesterday in this thread.  I got caught up this morning- and wanted to throw in my 2 cents:

    I agree with what Avatar Lee and Nivlac seem to be saying.  Even if the first four holes are tied with great scores, somewhere during those four holes, the "inviter" has out driven his competitor and gets to watch his approach shot- or hits it slightly closer to the pin, and thus, gets to watch his opponent's first putt.  I think it all equals out.  I have no problem going first- in fact, I enjoy the challenge of putting my opponent under pressure (most of the time i fail to accomplish this).

    Ultimately as Nivlac said, this is just for fun.  I have no problem with tibbets turning down the invitation, because I have looked at the roster of tournament participants- it is a deep strong field!  I think this tournament, more than the last one, will truly determine who is the best player on this website!

    Good luck to all participants!


    PS... to my first round opponent- i will be out of the country from Tuesday, January 13 @ 10:00am EST to Sunday, January 18 @ 10:00pm.  I would love to play our first round match Monday, January 12 anytime between 8:00am and 4:00pm EST.  (If i do happen to win round 1, I will have to wait until Monday, Jan. 19th to complete my round 2 match) -Thanks!

  • seveking
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 1:11 PM

     I just want to get this straight before we start: is it going to be nine holes all rounds except the semis and the final?

    P.S. : I'll be posting the link to submit scores tomorrow.

  • dacsyr1
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    Fri, Jan 9 2009 2:12 PM

     Could you go through the basic match play rules that we will be following for this tourney or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you.