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Tue, Jan 12 2021 4:39 PM (1,625 replies)
  • bubbsboy
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    Wed, May 6 2020 10:18 AM

    As per previous from Trinbago. 


    Olympic mate. Just hope it was typo from your player.

  • BBoyce
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    Wed, May 6 2020 1:14 PM

    Group 1 Round 5

    BBoyce ( Combos ) 5up over DanileT5 ( Black Diamond )

    Pleasure meeting you Daniel and hoping for your continued safety to you and your family.  WGT got the best of you as a few unlucky putts went your way.  Damn you WGT!  Best of luck in future games.

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    Wed, May 6 2020 1:19 PM

    happy to report a 2up win against tim for the chicks

    game was close all the way through and if a few putts would have dropped from tim it could have been so different.

    really enjoyed the match and the chat and the banter on the twitch with all my mates.

    thx tim and gl in the rest of the comp


  • Tgkomv
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    Wed, May 6 2020 1:20 PM

    Group 2 Round 5

    Tgkomv (TBR Titans) wins 3Up against MikeyK911 (Fairway Fanatics)

    Thanks for the game, Mikey! We were both a bit off. There were a few moments of genius from both of us, but plenty of off moments as well. The match was closer than the result shows. Cheers, Tom

  • RyanKCantrell
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    Wed, May 6 2020 2:05 PM

    Group 1; Round 5; Match 3; Tie 6

    Ryankcantrell def. lookoutbunker 3&2

  • fmagnets
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    Wed, May 6 2020 3:08 PM

    Group 2, round 5, match 3, tie 8 fmagnets wins 8up Vs JimMckeaveney

    Thanks for the game and for getting the match time agreed so swiftly. Can't say much for either of our standards of play, but at least it was fairly quick and painless :-)

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    Wed, May 6 2020 4:18 PM

    Group 4 ...Round 5

                         The Founders Club       VS           SEL Thunder Chickens   


    •       393 Buckwheat1947      LOSS to                 226 Bluey403   
    •       394 Sonnymaxbo          LOSS 1 down         232 Lutjanid
    •      392  rowlets                    LOSS to                  235 PAYLFINN52  
    •      391 JDGHOST                DRAW With            229  binkeybaxter1                                                                                                                                                                     Had a wonderful time playing with a first class lass...Match was back and forth the whole way ....Thought I had it on 18  until that dam horse fly flew down my throat causing me to "Choke" something fierce ...Best of luck moving forward Binky...
  • binkybaxter1
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    Wed, May 6 2020 5:52 PM
    Kept the "twitchers" entertained JD :) Enjoy ya golfing :)
  • JPZippi
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    Wed, May 6 2020 8:03 PM

    Round 5 Group 1


    #448 JPZippi defeated BrettH56 6 and 4

    Thanks for the game Brett!


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    Wed, May 6 2020 11:34 PM

    I managed to catch a couple of games on Twitch last night well nearly, I missed the front 9 of Tom's match, then watched AgentBrown v Sam, that was a cracker to watch with some outstanding putting from Sam for long periods.

    Gutted I missed some of the others though, haven't got to grips with hopping from match to match yet but I will.

    Thanks for streaming everyone that does, I'ts cool to watch how you all tackle these courses and conditions, I will checkout twitch later to watch some more games.

    GC. (addochiptheeagle)