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Tue, Jan 12 2021 4:39 PM (1,625 replies)
  • amateur4sure
    2,122 Posts
    Fri, Jul 17 2020 2:44 PM

    Class act Mikkel & Gordon, Two Wonderful players and Superb Sportsmen!!!

    Well done TBR super effort my friends, Very unlucky Trans, What a brilliant Finale..!

    Hats off Gang

  • PDorland
    2,232 Posts
    Fri, Jul 17 2020 6:27 PM

    Plate consolation match..

    PDorland wins 2up over JBurleson6..

    Fun match with a nice fella.. Thanks for the game Jim!


  • Rocknwith1234
    248 Posts
    Sat, Jul 18 2020 7:15 PM

    Plate consolation match.

    Rocknwith1234 wins 2up over Patman306.



  • TomMtl
    116 Posts
    Sat, Jul 18 2020 8:46 PM

    3rd Place Playoff

    TomMtl (Nova A) wins 3-1 over starrider2 (TCCC)

    Thanks to all who put this event together.


  • mikee672
    237 Posts
    Sun, Jul 19 2020 1:56 AM

    3rd/ 4th place

    Mikee672 wins 3 up over Scullsie.

    Fun round. Thanks for the game Jeff!!!


  • TdotDoba
    2,101 Posts
    Sun, Jul 19 2020 10:39 AM

    Thanks Fella's, keep those scores coming! Cheers

  • epspetx
    628 Posts
    Sun, Jul 19 2020 1:04 PM

    Plate consolation match

    epspetx wins 2up over Thepaintingace.

  • 1irony
    415 Posts
    Sun, Jul 19 2020 2:42 PM

    Cup Playoff Consolation Match Tie 7

    41 TAustin1964 def. substitute HKharroubi1 2&1

    Cheers to Hikmet for filling in on our depleted squad.



  • TdotDoba
    2,101 Posts
    Tue, Jul 21 2020 4:36 AM

    Great work on getting the Plate bronze match in (down to two games) it sits at 12-9 for BDGC over Indianred Chiefs .... very exciting.... any possibility of twitching the last two games?

    A couple of games played already in the Cup bronze match.... well done

    I'm extending it until the 26th, (this coming Sunday) please try to get all your games done by then... 

    Cheers All,


    Presentations will be on Monday the 27th


  • jacktrade51
    9,654 Posts
    Wed, Jul 22 2020 1:41 PM

    scottreid1966 (#192) def. wbadback57 (#265) on 20th hole.

    I don't know the details, but it was obviously an exciting match.