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Fri, Oct 8 2021 9:04 AM (102 replies)
  • Connorjwebb123
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    Mon, Apr 27 2020 3:55 AM

    Anyone playing with a turkey on their head should be disqualified.








    ... for fowl play.

    Best hat in the game ! 😁 don’t hate lol !
  • el3n1
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    Mon, Apr 27 2020 10:08 AM

    Elni (whatever he's called these days, are you allowed to have 2 accounts b.t.w??), 11BC2

    sadly a false accusation by a poor misguided soul. provided you are trying to refer to me.

    jealously is an ugly shade of red, be careful making false claims... at the very least you will get moderated.

    And, you should not insult Sean (11BC2) he was a much better player than myself but I may eventually catch up since he stopped playing and moved onto the golf club.  A game he has also mapped out, and approached in a similar manner and shown he can dominate on it as well.  WGT probably felt too easy for him after awhile, likely why he moved on to attempt a new challenge.  

  • el3n1
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    Mon, Apr 27 2020 6:05 PM

    Your accusation, which you now state was due to a misreading was rather significant.  It was a friend who asked me if i heard the latest rumor, that led me to find out what was said.

    You should know how even false statements can get passed around as if they were true, when there is no validity to them.  I have even seen some people bullied to the extent they got tired and quit the game. 

    Would you want that done or said about you?  I doubt it.  So, consider how you might respond.  I agree i was a bit blunt, but from reading some of your post, i imagine ypur response had someone made such an attack or claim against you would have met even greater wrath than my own.  

    I appreciate the retraction and apologize if you felt my reaction is more blunt than what you may have done or said if you were on the recieving end.

    Keep em in the fairway.  And there is tougher competition than me at TL... you will see.


  • el3n1
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    Tue, Apr 28 2020 7:42 AM

    I've gotta finish this too el3n1 - and I am already pi$ed off!!!!

    I get it, I understand the frustration...

    I have not tested it as much on Bethpage, but I know heavy winds effect putts/pitches of that length on other courses.  In looking at the two replays you shared.. both appear to miss in such a way that wind could have easily been a factor if your calculations were spot on and you did not take it into account.

    Fmagnets has even touched on it in the forums.  Given you have put a lot of work into your calculations, have you included small adjustments for heavy wind conditions?  head, tail and cross winds even on the putts over 20 feet maybe even 15ft range depending on how firm you hit the putt.



  • pdb1
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    Wed, Apr 29 2020 9:15 AM

    To the OP.


    Hi WGT

    So I just downloaded this new version.   It is like the mobile version except on my MAC laptop.   It is based on gambling ... it has none of the joys of playing this game on line over the last 8 years on this flashplayer platform.    A new platform has to absolutely replicate the traditions of this flashplayer based game that every fell in love with and got devoted to.   There are many many loyal players like me around.    We will lose all our friendships and the joy if you continue along this vein.  

    And at the moment, you are ruining this version of the game also because people are green on one platform but show up green on all platforms (mobile included).    Maybe us rusted on players only have 2020 to play before we leave.   I don't know.    

    But I sure hope you would appreciate us and our love of the game and our promotion of it to other people ...


      These are the formats offered in PCEA . It looks like it will take a while to get the bugs out . Since they are introducing these without the Flash features . Why ? Because supposedly Flash play will not be available sometime in the near future . We will see in time if these changes will smooth out . It may take several years .



      Minus the coin rooms .

  • Smormad
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    Tue, Jun 23 2020 4:14 PM

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  • Robert1893
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    Tue, Jun 23 2020 5:53 PM


    It is always fun to gamble.