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A Gift...2019 Andyson Memorial

Wed, Apr 1 2020 4:23 PM (172 replies)
  • TdotDoba
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 10:28 AM

    Wonderful way to remember Dennis and all he did for us here at WGT (always a smile on my face).

    I have sent a friend invite and then will send my address to MrCaddie and cheers for the marker it will sit proudly on my desk.


    Great work and thank you organizers.


    Dotty (TdotDoba)

  • akatiger74
    3,010 Posts
    Fri, Nov 29 2019 11:07 AM

    Another great tourney and a pleasure to be a part of...A big thx to all who organised this wonderful event and to those who helped with the markers...looking forward to receiving mine...all you guys are a class act.

  • Rossembo
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 11:14 AM

    Superbly run event with some great scoring.

    Looking forward to next year already.


  • Wutpa
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 11:39 AM

    This was a great event from top to bottom, first to last. And it's still great with the wonderful offer of these memorial markers, genuinely outstanding.

    Many thanks to absolutely everyone involved in the planning, organising and ad running of this excellent event for their time, effort, generosity and love.

    And thanks also to Andyson himself for being the kind of person to inspire such a great company of people to do such wonderful things in his name.

    It was an honour to take part.


  • RANGER1988
    870 Posts
    Fri, Nov 29 2019 1:09 PM

    Thank you to all of the Organizers to our Host Bill! This was only my second year playing in it but have enjoyed everything about it, wish I would of had the opportunity to have played a game with Andy!

    Thank you all once again!


  • lonniescott711
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 5:19 PM



  • claremoreblue
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 7:35 PM


    This is one of my favorite events in all of wgt :)....................



    Definitely my favorite also!

  • MGB01
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    Sat, Nov 30 2019 8:16 AM
  • txzdave
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    Sat, Nov 30 2019 3:00 PM


  • opyeuclid
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    Sat, Nov 30 2019 5:01 PM

    I got something in the mail today , and not to give it away is all I will say , Other that Thank you .