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Shot Meter

Thu, Dec 5 2019 9:20 AM (59 replies)
  • SimonTheBeetle
    2,323 Posts
    Sat, Nov 23 2019 2:03 PM




    I'm with the nays on this one. It wasn't broken, don't fix it.  It's now obnoxiously big, timing for me has completely changed and frankly makes me want to put down the game for good.

    Please fix this mistake ASAP!

    Good news. If you're on Android there's already a new update for you. If you're on iOS it will be another day or 2. 


    Hi Champ. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Can you please provide version numbers when talking of updates? It would make it easier to keep track of things. My device is running Android 9 and app updated 2 hours ago. App version is and I still have the larger meter. 

    Thank you mate.


    G'day, mate.

    Good point, Mick. Same here... is being the latest version available at Play Store and yet, the meter remains to be "obnoxiously big".

    Nevertheless, thanks for listening to us, Champ. Appreciate it. As many pointed out, why don't you give us options to choose from? Shouldn't be technically too hard to implement it, I believe.

  • PeterPerfection
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    Sat, Nov 23 2019 2:54 PM

    There's plenty of room to extend the meter both left and right. The sections are way too narrow now.

  • UNCforLIFE
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    Sat, Nov 23 2019 4:19 PM

    Bad news, it didnt work. Amazing 

  • jlawww24
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    Sat, Nov 23 2019 4:44 PM

    For whatever reason this last update does not allow me to make my golfer left handed any longer. I’ve played for 2 years left handed and now my entire timing and rhythm is off with the change. Why would they take this feature away?

  • SMOKEshack0
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    Sat, Nov 23 2019 5:20 PM

    definitely gotta turn the chat off, and learn to deal with the new meter despite  being cartoonishly oversized. 

  • MattMaher35
    518 Posts
    Sat, Nov 23 2019 6:18 PM

    Guessing none of you ladies/gents are playing on iPhone11 because I haven’t seen this complaint yet, but the swipe up bar on iPhone11 which you can’t make invisible sits squarely in the middle of this new, comically bloated meter. To say it’s distracting when it goes through it is a massive understatement. I just sent a help/feedback note about it. Please take this under advisement when you make the iOS update.


  • Notajedi
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    Sat, Nov 23 2019 6:21 PM

    I like the new meter much easier on my eyes, if it could become a selectable option would be great for us with poorer eyesight. 

  • MikeFern0712
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    Sun, Nov 24 2019 5:28 AM


    Good news. If you're on Android there's already a new update for you. If you're on iOS it will be another day or 2. 


    Saw an app update come through, but still no solution.  Operating on iPhone 7, iOS 13.2.3.

  • BOZskills
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    Sun, Nov 24 2019 7:35 AM

    @Mick and Simon,my version is1.54.0.190310, and i have the xl meter and desktop chat! Please wgt when is the fix coming!!!!

  • SlickHunter
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    Sun, Nov 24 2019 8:06 AM

    Why would you change the meter size just because others can’t adapt to changes. What about us who like the new meter, are we just going back and forth, till we get what we want? so damn ridiculous, suck it up and play, or find a game that suits your needs.