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WGT Desktop Early Access for Mac

Sat, Nov 25 2023 10:05 AM (290 replies)
  • RickinWaSt
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    Wed, Feb 10 2021 5:35 AM

    If experienced more of the stutter meter in the last few days with Mojave. Performing the update as I type on the iPad so let’s hope Big Sure does not compound the issue. 

  • beerstine
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    Wed, Feb 10 2021 12:19 PM

    I should add it was a clean install of Big Sur and I wiped out preferences before reinstalling WGT as well.

  • NrEighteen
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    Wed, Feb 10 2021 12:34 PM


    I have done this and when I hit "play" it only opens a TextEdit document, not running the program...

    I got a brand new Imac and MacOS Catalina.

    Question: are you hitting the Play icon at the website? If so, you aren't starting the app you downloaded. 

    You have to open the app from Launchpad/Dock. 

  • beerstine
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    Sat, Feb 13 2021 4:39 PM


    Has anybody been having trouble with stuttering meter and choppy graphics under Big Sur?  I just upgraded the OS and reinstalled WGT from the .dmg to applications folder.  It's sporadic and random, but it the meter isn't smooth on nearly half my shots in a round.  Was OK on Mojave before the upgrade.

    After more troubleshooting, I've discovered that this mainly manifests itself in the fullscreen mode, regardless of whatever resolution you set in WGT settings.  Playing in the window mode, the meter goes back to normal and animations and graphics are much smoother.  I do play on a high resolution monitor so there was a lot of scaling going on in the system to fill the screen. 

    That said, this was an issue that seldom affected me playing fullscreen in Mojave, I'll contact WGT support to see if anything has changed or can be addressed in Big Sur.  

  • OldGnome
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    Mon, Mar 22 2021 11:37 AM

    I experience the stutter on Big Sur with a MacBook Pro (16Gb memory, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1.5 Gb, 3.5 GHx Dual-Core Intel i7). I ave not attempted full screen.

  • beerstine
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    Tue, Mar 23 2021 4:33 AM

    WGT isn't the most demanding game graphics wise but the Iris Plus is a fairly weak GPU with low dedicated RAM.  Try keeping open apps and windows to a minimum or close everything down except WGT and see if that helps.

    Even with lots of RAM and a dedicated GPU, I've found that a background process like a backup or any other processing can bog down WGT.  I did start having more problems after Big Sur so hopefully some optimization can be done there.

  • RickinWaSt
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    Tue, Mar 23 2021 6:08 AM

    >>> I did start having more problems after Big Sur so hopefully some optimization can be done there.

    Had the same results after installing Big Sur on my MacBook Pro. This may help some? In settings turn off “Shadows”.



  • OldGnome
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    Tue, Mar 23 2021 6:37 AM

    @beerstine, @RickinWaSt: 

    Thanks for the tips. I will give them a try.

  • WEBailey
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    Fri, Apr 2 2021 5:51 PM

    I have an iMac with OS X 10.15.7 Catalina.

    I downloaded the installer and it won't work.

    The error message tells me to run patcher in admin mode.  I am in admin and there's no patcher that I can find.  I e-mailed WGT for help and haven't gotten anything back.  I guess I'll no longer be playing WGT.  I've been on for a long time - level 103.

  • Robert1893
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    Fri, Apr 2 2021 6:06 PM

    After you download and click on the dmg to begin the install process, you simply need to move the the app icon to applications (just drag and drop) to complete the install. This is a typical way to install a Mac OS app. See screenshot below.

    It sounds like you're clicking on the the WGTGolf app icon. 

    Once in moved to applications, you can access the application from launcher. Or you could go to finder and click on it there as well (again under applications).