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Can anyone help me with a member's question?

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Wed, Nov 20 2019 9:36 PM (12 replies)
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  • hpurey
    10,786 Posts
    Fri, Nov 15 2019 1:06 PM

    Thanks Don.  :)

    3,894 Posts
    Sat, Nov 16 2019 4:26 AM



    I see "NO" symbols or FRACTIONS at the top of our Tournaments page at all....I have never seen that actually? Now maybe as owner my page is slightly different? (But I dont think so)....All it says (off to the right side) is ...."11 Free &  Tournaments Active"

    JD     (Also we have zero "Coin" anything available in the club only  Credit Tourneys... so maybe this is only available to Mobile players)

    JD sorry i have never really played much on the original PC version. You are correct there are no fractions in that version to show how many tournaments can be created. This is only in Mobile and the new PCEA versions.

    And sorry when i said coins i was actually referring to Credits.



    No worries Marchie....Now at least I'm not lost LOL


  • hpurey
    10,786 Posts
    Wed, Nov 20 2019 9:36 PM


    Here is the mobile app/ early access version on the club tournament page.  We have 4 of 20 free tournies and 0 of 20 paid tournies at the moment. 

    Was looking over this thread again and realized something.  My club is Level 19 and according to the club benefits by level, starting at Level 17 the club should have 25 tournaments to create for both free and paid tournies.  Level 15 is 20 and 20 so something must be off in the mobile view.  ;-)


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