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The New Fairway Fanatics

Fri, May 14 2021 7:18 AM (52 replies)
  • CharlieH100
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    Wed, Oct 16 2019 9:52 AM


    Welcome to a new thread for a new-look Fairway Fanatics.

    Williams, our founder, has moved on and we wish him well. We have a new Owner, a new Board of Directors and an enduring determination to keep this as one of the best places to play your virtual golf and make new friends. 

    As you would expect from a mature Club, it's bustling with activity. Our tournament and competition schedule is full and varied - a seven-Division League, four great Tours per year, handicapped tournaments, an Order of Merit, Ryder Cup, Fight Club for matchplay addicts (we don't talk about that, of course ...), development tournaments for lower tier players, and the list goes on. Most of the competitions come with prizes as we have a particularly generous group of members. 

    We have a thriving Academy to help and advise players, detailed course guides, equipment reviews and advice and more. We have taken people from Hack to Legend in less than a year. 

    We have our own ProBoards forum which we encourage everyone to join and we also have a very active Telegram site with multiple channels, and Discord for those who like their golf with added banter. 

    This year we have enjoyed being active outside our borders; three teams in the World Cup, CC v CC matches with good friends in Southern England Links, New York City CC, Cosa Nostra, and a great inter-club Best Ball competition weekend with VMFG. 

    But best of all is the community. These are friendly, generous and interested people. Kindness abounds as well as humour. We welcome new people and want them to succeed and enjoy themselves. We ask that people are active, that they contribute to the Club's activities - we have a Club Charter (see below) and a very committed leadership group that extends beyond the seven Directors on the Board. We have recently trimmed our membership by removing a number of people who had either stopped playing altogether or who contributed little or nothing to the Club. It is much more important to us to have a mutually supportive and active membership than a maxed-out roster. 

    If you are looking for a home, we would be very pleased if you considered us. Please contact us here or one of the Directors below to discuss next steps. 

    CharlieH100, TSSparky72, MikeyK911, WWilliams46, NeetMr, Russell05.

    Thank you. 


  • CharlieH100
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    Wed, Oct 16 2019 9:57 AM

    The Fairway Fanatics Charter

    This is how we want to run our Club; it's what is important to us. The Board will work hard to make this an active, stimulating and fun environment for all its members, and we expect all existing and new members to accept these simple principles. 

    1. We will treat each other with respect and dignity. 

    The Golden Rule is that we treat others as we would like to be treated. There’s plenty of banter, ribaldry and downright mickey-taking, but it should be kindly meant, and not designed to humiliate or denigrate. And people have a right to call out something they think crosses the line. We expect these principles to apply equally to relations with members of other clubs. We want to keep our good reputation. 

    2. We keep our commitments to each other and the Club.

    We put on a lot of stuff. We don’t expect everyone to play everything, but we like to see lots of activity and participation. If you do enter or commit to play we do expect you to honour that and not DNP or WD as sometimes this can screw the competition for others. We know that sometimes it can happen, but we like to see it as the exception. We also expect members to make an effort to keep their matchplay competition commitments in good time, but we realise that people have busy lives and timezone differences can create difficulty. Membership entails getting involved and contributing to our activities, and if members become inactive for more than 30 days without prior notice we will usually terminate their membership. 

    3. We keep up with what's happening in the Club

    The Club runs best when the members are involved on a daily basis. We use the Pro Boards forum and Telegram as the main vehicles for information about what’s going on in the club. We encourage all members to use both and it obviously helps everything to run better if people make an effort to stay abreast of what's happening. 

    4. We support each other and the Club

    We believe in supporting and developing our members. Some have gone from Hack to Legend with us which we think is great. Others join us as existing Champions. All are welcome. And we would like to see everyone, especially the more senior and experienced players, helping others to improve their game. We would appreciate people using their daily pass on the first game of the WGT day to maximise the XP contribution to the club. We do play the Clashes, mainly to maintain a little WGT profile and get the odd useful thing, but we do not expect people to buy extra passes to play (unless they wish to), only to use the free ones issued every four hours. 

    Oh, and have fun. That’s a given.

  • CharlieH100
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    Wed, Oct 16 2019 10:00 AM



    1. Background

    Our intent is to grow and maintain a close-knit, supportive community of active players; people who will support and participate in the Club’s activities, support the development of other members and represent the Club well. This is the basis upon which we decide to recruit, retain and remove members on our Club’s roster. 

    2. Who Will We Recruit?

    We will actively seek people who fit the bill outlined above. We do not set an arbitrary minimum tier for membership, although it is likely that recruits will not have had the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities until they have been playing for a while and moved through some of the lower tiers. 

    3. How Will We Recruit?

    We will post invitations in the WGT Forums, effectively advertising the Club to potential members. A small number of designated FF members will monitor and post regularly to keep the forum current. We will also maintain a small number of veteran members who will actively look for potential members through matchplay and Head to Head games. Anyone making a direct approach to the Directors will normally receive a friend request with an invitation to play a round in order that we can get an idea of whether such an applicant would enhance our Club. Owner approval will ultimately be required for all new applicants. 

    4. What Will We Expect From New Members?

    We expect people to be active and to contribute from the start of their membership. Our Charter is clear that we ask people to keep up with what’s happening through the various communications media we use, to play in at least some Club events and to use their daily pass to accrue XP for the Club. We recognise that people have busy lives and other calls upon their time, but membership of our Club is based on activity and what people bring to the Club. 

    5. When and Why Will We Remove Players From The Roster?

    If people are not active in the Club they will normally be removed. All cases will be treated on their merits but, in general, if a player has been inactive for 30 days or more, without telling us in advance and providing a reason, they will be removed. In making these decisions we will consider the longevity of the membership and previous contributions to the Club’s activities. 

    If any player breaches our expectations of behaviour towards other players (inside or outside the Club) they will be removed. 

    We will periodically review this policy in the light of experience. 

  • AussieMick11
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    Wed, Oct 16 2019 11:52 AM

    Hi Charlie. NYCCC wishes Fairway Fanatics all the best! You're a great bunch. Cheers mates!


  • CharlieH100
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    Wed, Oct 16 2019 5:07 PM

    Thanks Mick - looking forward to the next match! 

  • CharlieH100
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    Mon, Oct 21 2019 3:16 AM

    Two more of our long competitions started this weekend; The Winter Olympics Tour with 12 different events, with individual and team, and a multitude of stuff to win, and the new season of Last Fanatic Standing, a weekly knockout that's always really popular. 

    If you're getting jaded or just fancy a new place to make friends and play this daft game, give us a shout. 

  • TSSparky72
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    Tue, Oct 29 2019 5:35 AM

    Always plenty of club events to play in and a Proboards forum offering plenty of advice for newer players.  If you are an active player looking for an active club then Fairway Fanatics may be the club for you.  Check it out.

    Fairway Fanatics

  • CharlieH100
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    Sat, Nov 2 2019 9:55 AM

    "Playing Away"

    Just got finished with another match against a fellow CC. After the wonderful time we had with our friends at Southern England Links, we took on Cosa Nostra. Great close matches both of them and my thanks to all the players from all the teams that took part in such great spirit.

    And we're off again, this time putting our mobile champs into the field against our old friends at NYC CC. Some old rivalries to be rekindled and some new friends made - looking forward to joining battle, Mick. 

    Just one of the many things we get up to here at FFGC. Nine week Winter Tour chock full of fun events, a seven-Division league, Last Fanatic Standing off and running again, new quickie tournaments and a brand spanking new Forum to enjoy. If you're looking for an active and challenging place to make friends and have fun, give us a shout. 

    Send FRs to CharlieH100, TSSparky72, WWIlliams46, or NeetMr if you'd like to discuss membership. We look forward to hearing from you. 

  • mkg335
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    Sat, Nov 2 2019 11:54 AM

    Charlie, speaking for my clubmates at Cosa Nostra, we thoroughly enjoyed the match with Fairway Fanatics, and especially enjoyed making new friends.  We look forward to future matches with you and wish you all the best.


  • CharlieH100
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    Wed, Nov 6 2019 12:18 AM

    Thanks Mark - we had a ball and I know from the feedback from the members how much they appreciated the spirit and the friendship involved in all the matches. Close-run thing too! 

    Our best to all at CN