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Showdown Prize Issue *UPDATED*

Mon, Nov 11 2019 9:26 AM (16 replies)
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  • WGTChampion
    1,663 Posts
    Tue, Oct 15 2019 8:31 AM

    Select DAILY BONUS in the bottom right of the Main Menu and then select INBOX from the tabs at the top of the box. 


  • MCalderon402
    233 Posts
    Mon, Oct 21 2019 9:28 AM



    Champ, when is the next showdown?



  • el3n1
    3,329 Posts
    Mon, Oct 21 2019 11:35 AM

    Along these lines... it wasn't clear you could Select ANY of the levels from the start and it wasn't necessary to advance to a higher level.  Knowing this now will help some or many players.

    It may also be helpful to create a table or chart that gives an overview of each "level" and the associated prizes/ ball in particular for that field.  I tried to make notes on a few of them but was unable to track down all of the details.  Not certain these are correct but ball park... it may help people to select a room they are willing to compete for the prizes in.  A few people mentioned the ball prize was not comparable to a ball they even use...

    Rookie 10 credit entry, played in Paris (100 coin),  ball prize was L47 TM

    Veteran  100 credit entry, played in Casablanca (10k coin), ball prize was L40 Titleist

    Expert  1000 credit entry, played in Montreal (100k coin), ball prize was L87 Titleist


    imho, some adjustments to the room being played is needed.  Paris (100coin) is far to low for any showdown type of event.  Montreal is really a Veteran coin room, not expert level.  The best coin room players play in Bellagio or Manhattan.  I do grasp why Montreal was possibly selected however since those coin rooms tend to have much slower or delayed match up times. 

    That being said, during a bigger event, more people would be playing so it really seems silly to be putting expert players on FORWARD tee boxes (okay technically Hard)  but with sponsor apparel that already shortens the course, it turns the EXPERT field into somewhat of a red tee tournament.  Probably why you in part saw such low scores.  I believe I saw -21 under on one of the screen shots reporting problems with the scoring.

    just a few thoughts to consider before the next showdown.  


  • BOZskills
    226 Posts
    Mon, Oct 21 2019 3:17 PM

    Imo,why not have all levels play in the paris room,as then everyone would be playing from their teir specific tees thus eliminating the red tee tourny effect. Once again what difference does it make how many worthless coins we're playing for? I don't know about everyone else,but i'm really over chasing wortless coins!

  • MCalderon402
    233 Posts
    Mon, Oct 21 2019 4:57 PM

    I don't think many really care what room WGT picked players to play  weather it was Paris, Montreal or any other. I signed up to Rookie by just clicking play versus knowing there were different levels and I know it wasn't the only one. 

    If they are playing from the Hard tees and not the hardest tees as long as they all play the same I don't see what the argument really is. 

    It would be better if everyone had the same conditions with the exact same winds throughout the competition for the rounds whichever holes they decide. What makes it more unfair is someone gets winds helping on many holes and others get wind in their face so the approach for some might be less than 100 yards while others have to shoot from 150 or 175 as an example. 

    If in Paris we play from designated tees so for me it was fine. What was weird was seeing masters having same driver and more expensive ball out driving me & others but at the end fo the day it's 3 rounds and by the end it should be somewhat more even. 

    The event can be improved like all else but it was fun and it is new so that is a good thing for us mobile players. 

  • Connorjwebb123
    354 Posts
    Mon, Nov 11 2019 9:03 AM
    The fallout showdown just finished and it said check inbox for my prize and nothing was there, I tried restarting my device.
  • WGTChampion
    1,663 Posts
    Mon, Nov 11 2019 9:26 AM

    Don't know why but the process is moving very slowly. Should be finishing up in the next 10 minutes if my math is correct. 


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