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Fall showdown

Fri, Oct 15 2021 8:23 AM (39 replies)
  • DanL24
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    Fri, Oct 11 2019 8:46 AM

    speaking as the current leader in the rookie division 2nd round, I had no idea what the Fall Showdown was and simply entered for the fewest coins at the lowest level possible to see what it was all about.

  • flatstick96
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    Fri, Oct 11 2019 1:05 PM


    there was little advance notice or explanation of how to proceed to play in the event to ensure everyone entered a reasonable division for their level.  That being said, since we appear to be in the lowest room… default tees are in play so those lower level players are playing from their tees and not the back tees.  I never play from coin rooms where default tees are at play... this was an exception because I didn't know how the event was set up.  

    I actually find it a huge disadvantage playing low tier players with reasonable playing time who have with maxed out apparel and high level equipment when they can have upwards of a 100y advantage off the tee box.  They can drive a lot more greens and be hitting pitches or wedges instead of mid irons into pins.  

    Agree.  Because the overall information was sketchy, I entered the lowest level simply because I didn't want to pour a bunch of credits into something that would be a waste of time.  Turns out, it's kinda interesting, and I don't regret giving it a go.

    Also agree with you that default tees in the "rookie" division makes it harder for legend and above players to win there.  I fully expect most of the rookie winners will come from the TM tier.

    BTW, though I couldn't find where WGT actually states the size of each player pool, they do say something to the effect of: "after the first round, half the field gets cut". Top 100 make the first cut, which would suggest that each overall player pool is 200 players. 


  • MarchieB
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    Sat, Oct 12 2019 2:02 PM

    The size of each initial player pool is not set at any specific number as it was (I assume) simply based on how many people entered.

    If you work backwards with the final pool having 100 players and a cut rate of 50% for the 2nd round, it was probably like this;

    Round1 had 4 pools with all players who entered divided evenly between them.  50 players made the cut from each pool. Therefore 4x50 = 200 players who advance out of round 1

    Round 2 had the 200 players divided into two pools of 100 with the top 50 advancing to the Final round from each pool. 2x50 = 100 players for final

  • SMOKEshack0
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    Sat, Oct 12 2019 3:05 PM

    well.. from my observation the Paris coin room, which is the room the Showdown is taking place in, has had a steady average of 2,000 - 3,000 players online since it began a few days ago.

    a MASSIVE jump from the usual few hundred. 


    as of this post there is 3,108.

    and since I can't see other divisions leaderboards and only the Rookie board, with barely a handful of players sitting at the -3 scoring position, either thousands of people are not good or I'm totally off in my ASSuming I know what I'm talking about!

  • DufferJohn7
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    Sat, Oct 12 2019 3:07 PM

    I elected not to play in the Showdown but interested in how my clubmates are doing and see who is winning. But I have no way to view leaderboards or results. I'm a PC player and enjoy the social aspects of the game. As I explore mobile and read the posts on the early access PC game it seems the social part of WGT is going away. No replays to share, no friends updates, no profile page blog or wall, no PMs, etc. Now no or limited view of leaderboards. 

    It's a shame.

    Trying to have fun and hit em straight,


  • MCalderon402
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    Sat, Oct 12 2019 3:23 PM

    More pools than that. Seemed as some top 50 were combined in elimination and then the 50 were combined to another 50 in the final and many others who worked out that way. Know some guys who entered rookie division by accident and we aren’t in the same pool on any of the rounds. Probably like weekly division a bunch of diamond 1, 2...etc. 


    its a fun tournament which is what matters 

  • kirkgibson88
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    Sun, Oct 13 2019 3:45 AM

    The calculation is quite easy. If you win the final you are the best of 400 randomly grouped players, I believe. 

    I am happy wgt comes up with new events like this as it offers new challenges , fun and options. Wuth the experience from the first event of this kind wgt may optimize it  and players may adapt and opt for higher levels than rookie.

    Looking forward to winter showdown,

  • Schmails3
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    Sun, Oct 13 2019 9:02 AM


    I like that WGT is doing something new and even though i heard of a few glitches i still think its a fun and great event. Dont take this as a complaint but more just a notification. The tiebreaker system you have posted isnt actually working properly from what i can tell.  Its not a big deal, but for instance I'm tied with a player named Jimmyhd. I was watching the scoreboard and he was -11 thru 12, -13 thru 15 and finished -16.  That means he went -3 in the final showdown match and -2 in the 2nd to last. I went -3 and -3 for both of those. My guess is maybe he had a par 3 thrown in where i only had par 4's over those holes so his total score might hsve been lower, this giving him the tiebreaker.  My suggestion would be to clarify the rules or change to score against par if thats the case. Pretty much makes it a luck of the draw on hole selection instead of how someone is doing against par.  

  • SMOKEshack0
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    Mon, Oct 14 2019 9:12 AM

    just watched the timer run out on the Showdown.


    banner saying im a winner..  check

    banner says check inbox for prize.. check

    inbox check 1... empty

    close, reopen, check 2.. empty

    30th place = 11,000 coins, 2 apparel packs, 1 ball

    inbox check 3, 4, 5, 6...   empty


  • WGTChampion
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    Mon, Oct 14 2019 10:26 AM


    just watched the timer run out on the Showdown.


    banner saying im a winner..  check

    banner says check inbox for prize.. check

    inbox check 1... empty

    close, reopen, check 2.. empty

    30th place = 11,000 coins, 2 apparel packs, 1 ball

    inbox check 3, 4, 5, 6...   empty


    See thread: