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SEL v The Fairway Fanatics

Thu, Jan 9 2020 11:57 AM (50 replies)
  • pipala
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    Mon, Sep 9 2019 2:50 AM

            SEL 62  Fairway Fanatics 35            

    Welcome to the thread for the inter cc match between SEL and The Fairway Fanatics. Please feel free to use this thread to provide match reports, notifications of any twitched games and general banter.

    We've been looking forward to this re-match and  I would like to say a huge thank you Paul for all your help in getting this together.

    The match rules are as follows;

    1. 18 Hole matchplay - Oakmont
    2. Match runs until midnight 29th September GMT
    3. No handicap system will be used
    4. Please friend request your opponent as soon as possible
    5. I insist matches are to be arranged between the pairings for a set time and date, no exceptions
    6. Please communicate any match problems to myself or Paul as soon as possible
    7. Please post your match results in here so I can keep everything updated
    8. The use of focus boosts are prohibited and will lead to disqualification
    9. Points will be scored as follows;

    Win - 3 pts
    Draw - 2pts
    Loss - 0pts

    The mobile matches will be 9 hole stroke play and the course selected at random, the scoring will be as above.

    The match ups are as follows;


    Pipala v
       Borat74 3up
    Forrrrrrrr 1up v    Foooze
    DoubleeagleRob 3up
    v    Shing1
    Graemelee99 v
       Borat74 6up
    Amateur4sure v
    Tdotdoba v
    Nicozandberg v
    Llllloyd88 3up v
    PaulFinn52 v
    KenBtexas 3up v
    Bluey403 1up v
    Cousinzeke 2up v
    Ostfriedel v
       Tomcarioca 1up
    Debrug v
       George1an 4up
    Billd1994 1up v
    Zulu24 7up v
    Terwyl1 1up v
    Bencat 4up v
    Ttuna1234 v
       Tssparky72 3up
    Ananikolaj 5up v
    Phippo20040 1up v
    Ranger1998 v
       CSBarbarian 3up
    xxDannyxxo 6up v
    JGR123 4up v
    Shedlite v
       Davidgrant 3up
    PaulBurtner 7up v
    Spanishfox v
       Whiskyecho 6up
    Mike59a0 v
       Jimmckeaveney 3up
    OneKeano 2up v
    Jhusjr v
    TheSpark4 v
    Majorhooks v
    Carolinablu v
    Dougal7 v
    Tino345 v

      Pwsf                       v      Neetmr 3up


    Best of luck everyone and have fun

  • TdotDoba
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    Tue, Sep 10 2019 10:37 AM

    GL all, have fun

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    Tue, Sep 10 2019 2:44 PM

    KenBtexas  v

    we had a good match and a bit of fun.

    An interesting golf course ..

    both struggled on the front and we made the turn AS....

    A few putts sunk and a few unlucky putts all the difference.

    good game ..

    Thanks Pal ..


  • Shedlite
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    Tue, Sep 10 2019 8:29 PM

    well played my game with David and well course was not good to me. Started off losing first two holes managed to get them back and go up 1 then the back 9 happened and he got back 1 then i proceeded to lose 3 holes and halved 16 david wins 3 up on 16

  • PaulBurtner
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    Wed, Sep 11 2019 2:17 PM

    PaulBurtner (SEL) vs. GJCuddie (Fairway Fanatics)

    PaulBurtner wins 7UP, thanks in large part to a birdie binge on holes 3-7 that GJCuddie couldn't match.

    Special thanks to GJCuddie for allowing the match to be "reset" to it's last state after my browser crashed and WGT told me I didn't get back in time. 

    Good luck everyone & have fun. Hope to see you again 'cud!


  • MGB01
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    Thu, Sep 12 2019 5:15 AM
    friends in both clubs so ill sit on fence lol but have fun all
  • TSSparky72
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    Thu, Sep 12 2019 5:33 AM

    ttuna (Tommy) and I had our match at Oakmont last night and I was fortunate to get a 3up win.

    I was a bit worried playing Tommy again cause he outplayed me pretty well in our World Cup match.  However, I was fortunate to get off to a good start and the front nine was not kind to Tommy, I was 3 up at turn.

    Tommy had some early birdies on the back and the match was close again till finished with bird at 16 and eagle at 17 to close the match.  Tommy is a true gentleman and it was a pleasure to play.  Thanks for the competition.

  • pipala
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    Thu, Sep 12 2019 6:12 AM

    friends in both clubs so ill sit on fence lol but have fun all

    Lol thanks Mickey, it's shaping up to be a tight one


  • ttuna1234
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    Thu, Sep 12 2019 6:31 AM

    TSSparky Fairway Fanatics over ttuna SEL 3 & 1

    Second time around for me and Tom in match play, and another fun round with a lot of laughs and good company. Tom got off to a clean start while I started slow. Tom up 2 after 2, and he added another on #9 to have me down 3 at the turn. I mounted a comeback to get to 1 down by #13, but Tom made a really nice bird at 15 to close the door and go back to 2 up. Still a chance at 17 until Tom nailed the door shut with an eagle to finish the match. Well played my friend. Looking forward to the next one.

  • carlosdev
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    Thu, Sep 12 2019 6:36 AM

    Boys n Gals..

    Good luck n have fun :) :)

    Show off Pip lol lol lmao...

    - Carl