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callaway L34

Mon, Sep 30 2019 11:03 AM (12 replies)
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  • fatdan
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    Thu, Sep 26 2019 6:15 PM


     never saw Tigers caddy pull out his PDA and check with his range finder...just saying

    LOL, you need to go watch them prepare on Mon., Tues., and Wed. then....they know every distance and elevation on the course, and use devices of every kind to calculate the shots....that's "all" those caddies have done for years.

    Sorry to break that story to you....


  • manxoli
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    Mon, Sep 30 2019 11:03 AM

    nooo Dan say it isn't so! and I thought it was just like Bagger Vance ! soft etheral lighting ..looks at the shot throws a tuft off grass in the air and God guides the ball! BUT golf is not my sport IRL I fish for salmon and seatrout and there is no "math" that can help you put a fish  on the bank..and release it of course...its all feel and gut feeling. I could look at a river now and know how to fish it but come morning ( some rain wind got up etc) all change. that is the key to any sport having the ability to allow for the conditions..shame we don't have rain here! soft receptive greens! lol


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