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Sat, May 27 2023 11:53 AM (2,011 replies)
  • Sabba01
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    Thu, Jun 11 2015 7:31 PM

    How do I apply to join a country club, even though I have my own

  • WGTadmin
    1,166 Posts
    Fri, Jun 12 2015 10:33 AM


    How do I apply to join a country club, even though I have my own

    There is not a way, a player can only belong to one club.



  • Rico7240
    2 Posts
    Wed, Jun 17 2015 10:30 AM

    my question is why I am getting an error message on St Andrews that when I want to 

    either play a round alone or inviting players sometimes, and not all the time, I get an error message that reads "Error, Tournament no longer active, press ok to close" and it

    won't let me play if I am alone, or if I have other players waiting to play when I hit T off it kicks all of us off the game.

    Any answers???


  • alosso
    20,989 Posts
    Wed, Jun 17 2015 10:55 AM

    A company flaw IMHO.

    Use the search function to see more reports and - improbable - company answers beyond "we are looking at it".

  • Twotwisted
    15 Posts
    Mon, Jun 22 2015 9:25 PM

    How do I File a complaint on someone for rude and obscene behavior. which made my game very very uncomfortable.

  • WGTdbloshoe
    2,840 Posts
    Tue, Jun 23 2015 8:21 AM


    How do I File a complaint on someone for rude and obscene behavior. which made my game very very uncomfortable.

    Best bet would be to contact customer service with your complaint and any screenshots you have.


    - WGTdbloshoe

  • jkharley
    67 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2015 2:14 PM

    tom662 should be removed from wgt for language and attitude.  I would block but it it not as easy as it used to be!!!


  • guyoluckso
    9 Posts
    Tue, Jul 7 2015 10:40 AM

    Thank you.First i would like to say that the graphics are awesome.Second. I dont think the programmers ever played real golf.I understand wgt is all about making money,but you say you want to make changes to better the game for us,well your not.First of all the consistency of green breaks and the wind effects are never they same,and why is that all greens are like landing on concrete,why not change the density of them,some ofter then others.You probably wont post this but i dont know where to post it so i am here,If u notice some post of players,we are not happy about spending our hard earned money to be playing against wgt instead of players.people are leaving this game,so how is that making money?answer this,,, i shot the best round of my career sofar with the free ball of -13 at wtg tounament at st.andrews and tied for 22nd,i try using paid balls and barely come close to that score on same course,understand you change the difficulty when using the higher level balls,but thats to your advantage to make us spend more money!If you will see an abundance of similar response.....i am a gamer you can see i been playing almost six months now,lvl 91 almost 92 and a legend so i consider myself an excellent player.There are some many things wrong with wgt here i stated a few of them......You want to make money,your going about it the wrong way,how about trying to make us happy,and we may want to stay and spend our money...i may get banded but oh well.i will spend my money elsewhere!!!!!i am sure you have heard the same things i have mentioned,,hmmmm so why havnt you've done anything about it?

  • WildBillbakerhil
    80 Posts
    Wed, Jul 8 2015 10:56 AM

    I think the entire program that WGT has is fixed. With me it seems the worse I play the better I get. I think they should remove the movable triangle as an aiming devise. Let all players choose whichever clubs they want to use from the very beginning and do the best they can with them. Institute the USGA slope system for handicapping, and let the chips fall where they may. I play that way. I don't use the gimmicks to improve my game. If you hit a ball with wind blowing you should expect to lose some distance. If you are on the green them adjust your direction by hitting one side or the other of the ding position and as much distance either side to allow for the break needed, and a longer swing to allow for the distance loss of missing the dinger. Use the same system with the playing the wind, and take the distance loss the same as you would in the real game. A good example would be PGA Championship Golf by Sierra Sports. With it you can change the players stance and aim by turning his body. You can adjust a club face to hit a knockdown shot or a sand shot.

    The WGT game has too many gimmicks that allow you to shoot lower scores without having and ability to manipulate the game with your brain or body. You just move a little triangle and hit the ding and there you go. You don't lose any distance playing with a crosswind or quartering wind as long as you hit the ding. Any club set that I ever bought, didn't come with a swing meter or a dinger. You took what you considered to be your best shot using the environmental situation you happened to be playing in. You turned in a score for each game you played and your handicap was based on a sliding scale according to you skill. I see guys on here shooting scores of 18 under for one round. There is no honest player that can compete with them in a tournament. Are they cheating? I don't know the answer to that. They may be extremely good at manipulating the conditions of the game with the triangle and ding system. The problem with that being the fact that hole placement is seldom changed on the courses so the triangle and ding formulae don't change. To get WGT to move on any changes seems a hopeless dream, so I just play my game the best I can with what I have to play it with, without using the gimmicks and taking my knocks. I seldom win anything except some non-descript trophies. I play a lot to increase my level so I can upgrade the clubs I am using and keep trying to improve my game as I play it. As for money I spend about $50 a month so I can purchase balls when I need them and upgrade club when I can.

    I will admit that it is currently the best virtual golf that I have found so far on the net. If I could find one that better suits my method, I would seriously consider it.

  • BramptonHorsthSw
    420 Posts
    Fri, Jul 17 2015 2:02 PM

    my two god 2000 ct a 20 min ago and no free ball thats not leagel ok wgt  dont do that to me any more !!!