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Sat, May 28 2022 6:21 AM (2,003 replies)
  • mickyd066
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    Fri, May 1 2015 4:08 AM


    Hi, Alex.

    I've really enjoyed playing my starting rounds and have ventured into the tournaments. That is where I have a problem. I started to play the St. Andrews 9H Stroke play. It was shown to have light wind and standasrd greens. When I started up, the wind was a gale, blowing out towards the hole at 28-32mph! That's LIGHT??? I lost a ball in the water. I've never hit one 317 yards before.

    Then the greens, which was advertised at "moderate." My first putt went nowhere. I was 9 feet away, downhill, set it up to about an 8 on the scale. The ball went 4 feet. WTF? I looked up and the green speed was actually "very slow." I don't know why you would state that a tournament was set up one way, then do it another. I played 4 more holes, figuring out how to manipulate the wind on my drives and aproaches. When I missed a 4 foot putt for a Birdie, I quit. I had 3 putt all the other holes.

    What's up with this? Is this just a "whoops" moment on WGT's part, or do you do this to make us buy more balls and stick to the single matches and leave the contests for the higher ranked players? I know that's a grasping assumption, but this has been the most frustrating 2 hours I've had in a while. I don't come here for frustration!

    Up to tonight, I've really enjoyed the game. I hope to again soon.


    bobby you haven't seen anything yet i have had 3 or 4 rounds where i didn't think wgt had tampered in shots or putts but 90%off the time it's at least once a hole you've just got to accept it as it is or get class action against them happening??

  • atl55
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    Fri, May 1 2015 4:57 PM

    why can i only buy balls that take more credits? Can buy 300 credit balls, not 100 credit balls for example. Seems like a money grab....

  • Delbest
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    Sat, May 30 2015 12:05 PM

    I purchased the 2000 credits but never received my free balls. What's up with that???

  • WGTyphoon
    597 Posts
    Sat, May 30 2015 1:36 PM


    I purchased the 2000 credits but never received my free balls. What's up with that???

    I had someone check your account in the Customer Support department. Try logging out of the account and logging back in. The balls should be available.


  • activepulse
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    Sun, May 31 2015 2:03 PM

    I saw that yesterday as well, but the posting reads:

    "*Special offer for WGT players on the web or Facebook who buy 2,000 or more WGT Credits 5/27/15-5/28/15"

    So it was only good if you bought the balls on the dates specified.

  • AlexBorgesjr
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    Fri, Jun 5 2015 11:32 PM

    Do you think will ever let us play 4 golfers in country club matches , and have they removed the join date from the country club players , that was awesome you could your loyal members tender... 

  • Joshedog
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    Mon, Jun 8 2015 11:34 PM

    Hi Alex,

    Not sure if this is the place to ask for help. I am a member of the Calm Waters Country Club. In recent times I have received a number of emails saying that a club tournament has commenced including a Club Championship. For some reason for those using iPads, these tournaments do not show up in the club tournaments tab the way they used to.  I have mentioned it to the club owners and they say that they have set them up as per normal and that I should ask WGT to investigate why the tournaments don't show up in the club tournaments section. 

    Would you please help with this problem. I had really been enjoying participating in the club tournaments but this issue is putting a damper on things.


    Rudy aka Joshedog

  • alosso
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    Tue, Jun 9 2015 9:46 PM

    If a course isn't available on mobiles it will not show in the mobile's tournament list.

    Nothing to do about it except - perhaps - avoidance.

  • Joshedog
    68 Posts
    Tue, Jun 9 2015 11:10 PM

    Thanks Alossso,

    Wgt have advised me of the same thing. My country club owners (most of whom play the game on PCs were not aware that iPads didn't have all of the courses available that the PC users have.  Hence they unwittingly started some tournaments using courses that they had but iPad users didn't.  Unfortunately it means that we iPad users are missing out a number of tournaments including the Club Championship which is quite disappointing.  

    I did ask wgt whether there were any technical reasons why the iPad users didn't have the same courses available as the PC users but was told that there were no technical reasons. They just wanted to release the courses bit by bit rather than dump the whole lot on at once.  I would actually prefer that we had the same courses as the PC users so that we could all play in the same competitions run by the Clubs.




  • bighed
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    Thu, Jun 11 2015 5:54 PM

    Hey Alex you advertised if you buy 2,000 ncredits you get FREE NIKE balls I never got mine?????