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What the hell is the issue with this site??

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Mon, Jan 25 2021 5:30 AM (24 replies)
  • TeeWade
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    Wed, Aug 24 2011 12:34 PM

    I complained roughly 2 weeks ago about how lousy this site still is because of the game freezes etc.  Well lo and behold here we are again and just in the last few days this is how this wonderful and oh so smooth running game has bent me over whether I liked it or not.

    3-some stroke game: Next to last hole on St. Andrews, I and one other player left since one had quit or dc'd. She takes the timer to the end and then shoots on the 2nd try. She tells me how her screen went black and so on. I tell her not to worry, its just this stupid game. Well I'll be damned if on the next hole I get the same dam thing and my game freezes up and can't play. Have to quit and re-start that game to complete it since it was a pretty decent game going for me. Later on that day I play a C.T.T.H.  3 people, 1 quits/dc's on hole #2. We finish that hole with no problem. Then the next hole after other player shoots, my game freezes once again. Have to leave and come back to finish alone. Next day, 9 hole Kiawah. 2 have quit by the 2nd hole, 3rd man times out on the next hole, putts then on to next hole. Guess what?  yup I freeze while on tee box and have restart game to complete that round. Next 2 days, playing only one game to get my daily bonus, guess what?  yup both games freeze on last or next to last holes. Today I get in a stroke on St. Andrews. 1st hole we have one player quit/dc. Of course we talk shyt about him for being lev 82 and quitting. Well next hole I'm on tee box and guess what happened?  Freeze and left for dead once again. lol Can only imagine what they said about me after my game froze once again. Had to leave out of room to come here and vent some as this shyt is just getting to be ridiculous.

    Oh yeah  forgot this one. Daily bonus, even though I've played everyday and during the time required to get the bonus, it hiccuped day before yesterday and re-started at 0. Thanks WGT for doing such an awesome job!!

  • piztaker
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    Thu, Aug 25 2011 5:19 AM

    Well if you've checked there are no problems with your PC then I would check your internet speeds. If it were the site there would be millions of complaints like yours.

  • chrisironsbones
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    Thu, Aug 25 2011 5:42 AM


    Well if you've checked there are no problems with your PC then I would check your internet speeds. If it were the site there would be millions of complaints like yours.

    I've been getting disconnects too in matchplay games, game freezing often, a player disconnecting, then when we re-connect either screen is blank or get an error,.  someone lost 444 credits yesterday due to this problem and getting disqualified

  • TeeWade
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    Fri, Aug 26 2011 4:12 AM

     1st game of day, pc running smooth, defragged, cleaned and got game booster running.  3rd hole tee on Kiawah...-2 after 2 and guess what??   Another dam game freeze!!!    For God's sake can someone who speaks for this game, at least answer and give some kind of remedy. No other game I play on the internet does this shyt but this one. What gives?

  • x1524807
    776 Posts
    Fri, Aug 26 2011 5:17 AM

    Well if you've checked there are no problems with your PC then I would check your internet speeds. If it were the site there would be millions of complain

    their are millions of complaints, but why waste time. This is not being addressed by WGT, so save your complaints for something more important like the meter or the quitters. Oh forget it.

  • TeeWade
    1,216 Posts
    Sat, Aug 27 2011 5:30 PM

    Sooooo, 1st game of the day. I play a 2 man C.T.T.H. and all is well. I click on a game at Congressional, 4 of us in there. We all tee off, next man shoots on green. Guess what??  Dam game freezes.   Awesome job WGT!!!  Keep it up!!

  • PeterHopper
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    Sat, Aug 27 2011 5:50 PM

    It's been dreadful for me for 4 days. I have had quite a long run without these issues, so can't complain.

    I have cleared cashes regularly, but I am willing to accept that my internet speeds aren't up to scratch at the moment.

    Can play, and finish single games. If I am lucky I can get through a Blitz. Only managed to finish a Match game twice in this period. Daren't think about Alt Shot.

    Big problem for me is that I have to desist from playing friends. They have their designated WGT time, and it's frustrating for them when the matches crash and burn. It makes me feel bad.

    In my last Blitz, I hit the flagstick for great bonus points, and WGT crashed and burnt on the replay. That sucks.

    So, I'd like to apologise to any friends that my internet/and WGT have lket down over the last few days. Play soon.


  • PeterHopper
    1,315 Posts
    Sat, Aug 27 2011 5:54 PM

    Oh, and FWIW. I just cleared caches, removed temp files and all that blah blah. Now in a single game I can't get off the first green because of loading issues. So' don't let people convince you that is the problem.

    In my case I am happy to accept my connection sucks at the present time.

  • ifixpcs
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    Sat, Aug 27 2011 6:14 PM

    I haven't cleared my cache in a while and I have NO troubles with freezes, disconnects or meter.  I'm not kidding either...I mean I have had NO problems whatsoever and I'm 2500 miles from the servers with approx. 19 hops.


  • navigater
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    Sat, Aug 27 2011 6:51 PM

    ditto no prob