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Coin Club rental specs not easily viewed prior to rental

Fri, Mar 8 2019 12:27 PM (1 replies)
  • el3n1
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    Fri, Mar 8 2019 10:11 AM

    Our club was working on something along these lines as a possible guide to help some lower tier players use coins to rent clubs until they reach a sufficient level to purchase better clubs that will last them awhile.

    Currently, it is very difficult to gather this type of information without renting the clubs first.

    Having a few coins to spare, I rented the first three sets and tried to document the specs to share... hopefully it copies through with my attempt to color code to help recognize the sets.  If not, know the sets are arranged vertically.

    Personally, once I had the coins... I preferred and liked the Royal Blue set for 50,000 coins.  This set allowed me to play sufficiently well until I reached a 3wd at L51 that I liked, a driver at L55 I loved, and the L59 Ping Irons that appear to be replaced hopefully.

    I did pick up a few bargain AVG wedges on the way in the upper 30 and 40 levels.  

    If the L59 irons are not replaced with similar irons, they do still appear to be available in the L59 Ping Set of clubs, which is also a very good value for what you receive.  Otherwise, you spend a bit more piecing your set together.  

    This may or may not help some weighing their club purchasing options.


    * after further research and a surplus of coins (renting a couple more sets) - the upgrades for additional coins - appear to degrade in comparison to the cost associated for the weeks rental the higher you go - when reasonably quality clubs start to present themselves at those levels for credit purchases.

    Since it has been awhile, I loaded these up to swing a few times...

    As I recall the green set was only a slight or minor improvement.  I was torn over whether it was worth the rental.  

    I liked the Royal Blue set for 50K coins, but I had to build my coins up to get there.  That can be challenging with starter clubs, but possible.

    I never rented the L30 baby blue set back then, as I had reached a sufficient level to start club upgrades with credits by that point and I didn't have the coin bankroll to afford renting them while still playing in coin games. 

    After putting the L30 baby blue set in the bag, and reviewing their specs, I am glad I didn't.  The meter is a touch faster and the additional benefits just don't outweigh what is offered in the L20 Royal blue set.  

    If you can use coin rentals to delay club upgrades, my suggestion would be to look towards and focus on the L20 set as they appear to be the best value with the most playability, imho.  Once paired with sponsor apparel, they should play quite nicely from the forward tees.  

    --update... these coin rental sets will also be enhanced by any sponsor apparel that was introduced after I first started.  

  • alosso
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    Fri, Mar 8 2019 12:27 PM

    Good work! I never knew about these characteristics!