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Low scores getting out of hand

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Thu, Sep 2 2021 12:17 PM (24 replies)
  • DAZZA501
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    Wed, Feb 27 2019 8:31 AM

    I agree that the scores are too low and it's all to do with the equipment. Wgt are about to remove a lot of the equipment in the pro shop and replace it. This would be a great opportunity to make this equipment not so good and bring the scores up to somewhere more realistic. The way it is at the moment takes a lot of fun out of the game. Get 1 par and you know you're no longer in with a chance. The best players will always be the best players no matter what but it would be nice to know that after you've made a mistake there's always the chance you can get back in it.

    Interesting idea, but unless you take the top shelf equipment from those who already own it you're only creating a disadvantage for those who have yet to level up and have the opportunity to purchase top level gear.

    Wgt have already stated they can change the performance of any club at any time. I don't see it being a problem.
  • DAZZA501
    5,971 Posts
    Wed, Feb 27 2019 8:39 AM
    The same goes with the analogy of "get one par and you no longer have a chance". One bogey and your chance would be gone. ...and the players that were getting that one par, would be getting bogeys.
    A good player can still make a 62 with a bogey. That's how it was back in the days of when the PING G10's were the best clubs. You had to be creative instead of just throwing darts to 2 foot on every hole. If 60-62 was the normal good score then there's more opportunities. At the moment to win a tournament you have to shoot the eclectic best score for that course. It doesn't allow for any mistakes,meter jumps or wtf moments.
  • Mythanatos
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    Wed, Feb 27 2019 9:08 AM

    it doesn't really matter. it's all relative to what everyone else is doing. what does it matter if they aren't "realistic" to physical golf.


    News flash computer games are math and timing. physical games are skill and consistency of thousands if not millions of factors and influences.


    The only way to change it is to tweak the RNGs to larger ranges and people already b!tch now when they hit a shot on the edge of the ranges.

  • MGB01
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    Wed, Feb 27 2019 9:15 AM

    The great players in this game are always going to be great. They work hard at it and practice constantly. 

    Give them or any Tour Champion starter gear and they will still shoot great scores. Thats why they are the best, and should be.

    I love watching Young46 or Mag's shoot shoot, it's a lot of fun to me seeing what they do.

    It's up to us to get to their level of play, not up to them to come back to us. The Best will always be the best and thats the way it is.

    Happy Hitting Everyone


    spot on.... don you have explained it perfectly
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    Wed, Feb 27 2019 6:18 PM

    We are playing a totally unrealistic game...due in majority to the FAKE ball physics (depends the amount of payout), and WORST...always playing from THE SAME FLAT spot (EVEN lies) whatever the course or place are, thats AIN'T Golf, & people are worried about score's?   lol


    Yep, the courses looks good, and you can find an online game pretty quick, this game not brings much more

  • K7JBQ
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    Wed, Feb 27 2019 9:32 PM
    Reality check here. Of course the best players here shoot ridiculously low scores on a regular basis. I do too, just not as often. I just shot two over for nine on my home course today, and shot one over on Monday. If I shoot over par here it's terrible. In real life, those scores felt great. Consider what we have to do to hit the ball here, then what we have to do in real life. Hmmm, grip, posture, alignment, ball placement, balance, weight transfer, lie, tempo. Figure how to put all that into a computer game and know what you'll get: Screamed at because you made it too hard. Just like real golf.
  • Williams01210021
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    Thu, Feb 28 2019 1:02 AM

    few options, 

    1: massive overhaul of the clubs, wgt can nerf all the clubs which would mean people would all be a few shots worse off. I have to disagree with the post that said give a top player starter clubs and they will still score like they do. They would score well but there is no way they could go super low like they do now. ball just dont stop or have the distance. play a round with starter balls, you be lucky to go round 9 in more than 3/4 under. For me main issue has always been fairways hit percentage is to high, 90+% is crazy, they tried to compromise this by machining bunkers stupid to get out off or same with brush etc but that just punishes the players who are not above 90% accuracy. Drivers should have hardly any meter speed on them, there is no advantage playing a 3 wood on this game off the tee, unless its like a dogleg and you run out off room. Nerf the drivers and you might see more people having to think about club selection off the tee instead of just reach for the big dog and rip it.

    2: sort the tiers out. Tour champion was made....... made no difference. We all know there is going to be the top end players, having them be able to compete in everything with everyone else is why people get annoyed. Having no chance of winning puts people off. There needs to be more tier specific stuff going on, better control over the people in these tiers. I have seen the same people win over and over each month at say legend yet they still stay there till the reach the amount of rounds played etc. thats wrong, if someone is destroying a tier they should move up early if needs be. For these people that are winning the big credit events for their tiers its not right, i do question their ability to somehow always seem to be able to pull it out the bag or not play for a week and come back and shoot the perfect round, again something wgt should look into more. Not hard to see that if someone is just playing the credit to enter tier specific monthly yet still scoring brilliant something isn't right. I have seen someone do that, no way someone could be that good playing just that little yet nothing is done and it just screws over the other genuine players. 

    many ideas have been discussed like a separate tour for the top end players but as that involves time and effort wgt wont do it, more than happy enough for them to carry on winning all the credits and forcing others to buy them. 

  • kavvz
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    Thu, Feb 28 2019 8:30 AM

    None of the ideas of making the clubs worse will have any effect. 

    What will happen is...whatever WGT does to attempt to make the scores higher is the best may shoot higher sure, but those that aren't as good will just shoot even higher.

    i.e. It doesn't matter if the winning score is 52 and those that complain shoot 60 


    the winning score is 58 and those that complain shoot 66

    etc etc.

  • BPeterson8256
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    Thu, Feb 28 2019 8:46 AM


    None of the ideas of making the clubs worse will have any effect. 

    What will happen is...whatever WGT does to attempt to make the scores higher is the best may shoot higher sure, but those that aren't as good will just shoot even higher.

    EXACTLY! It would widen the gap even farther. The best players are the ones it would effect the least.

  • CrazyJoeBonano1
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    Wed, Aug 18 2021 9:54 PM

    One gear divide I DO take issue with is the rewards for Country Clubs in Clashes......what's the point of giving the magic golden putter to a club that already is kicking everyone's butts.  How about giving them a cool plaque they can display in their club banner or club userpic....but giving away the best single piece of gear in the game to a group that already doesn't need it is salt in the wounds to any club that would like to...idunno...challenge some of them some day.  It makes the challenge inherently unfair....and why would you do that?