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Bushwackers VS. SEL

Wed, Feb 27 2019 3:12 PM (21 replies)
  • wleiss
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    Fri, Feb 15 2019 1:53 PM

    Bluey403 & Forrrrr W  vs wleiss & gattylong  3&2

     Had a good time out there with Pete and Greg. Went by too fast. We dug ourselves a hole early by going 3 down after 4, and were fortunate to extend the match to the 16th. We were just overmatched. Well played Gentlemen. I hope to see you out there again.


  • bubbsboy
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    Sat, Feb 16 2019 1:37 PM

    Me and Phil lost 1 down to Gil and Andy

    We had some good but some bad and they played really well throughout

    Well done

  • ostfriedel
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    Sun, Feb 17 2019 12:43 PM

    AnaNikolaj/Ostfriedel  VS.  Ct690911/Cretedawg 

    1 up win for Team Jurdel of SEL. Good match in nice company.

  • bluey403
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    Mon, Feb 18 2019 12:51 AM

    good games guys,

    really enjoyed our game with Will & Gatty, good fellas good fun

  • Phippo20040
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    Wed, Feb 20 2019 1:47 PM

    Game arranged with Mike and fedmoon for Friday 10pm uk


    Twitch channel phippo2004 

  • Phippo20040
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    Fri, Feb 22 2019 3:00 PM

    just got off the coarse in a close match that was decided by a couple of putts

    phippo and gordenparker beat gooner and fedmoon  2&1

    cheers for the game guys could of gone either way


    up the gunners

  • mikegooner0
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    Sat, Feb 23 2019 12:28 AM

    Yea thanks Andy and Liam for a good game ....not much in it but you guys deserved to win...a putt or two here and there made the difference....which after all is the way it should be....could have played 18 holes ...9 is over with too quickly.....cul.....


  • wleiss
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    Sat, Feb 23 2019 8:59 AM



                                                          ALT. Shot  

                                                           9 Holes

                                                      Pinehurst Back 9 

                                                          90 Sec. Clock

                                                  Concede putts of 3 FT. & Under 

                                            C* - Captain = Will set up and send invites 


    Ranger1988/Tino345  VS. Leggoman13/Olliehe             C=Ranger1988

    Spanishfox/Jgr123  VS.  Akatiger74/Brianeryres(W)              C=Akatiger74

    Gordonparker/Phippo20040(W) VS. Fedmoon/Mikegooner0      C=Gordonparker

    Kenbtexas/Ttuna1234(W)  VS.  Donaldkey8798/Bswanson23     C=Donaldkey8798

    Amateur4sure/Jessicahill21 VS. Ceverett12/Billycash74        C=Amateur4sure

    Cjadams28/Jimcruz (W)  VS.  Vpd10/Belowzeroyes                 C=Vpd10

    Bluey403/Forrrrrrrr(W)  VS. Gattylong/Wleiss                           C=Bluey403

    Ananikolaj/Ostfriedel(W)  VS.  Ct690911/Cretedawg                C=ct690911

    Philstein/Bubbsboy  VS. Acapulqueno/Ajmack3(W)                  C=Philstein

    Terwyl1/Zulu24  VS.  Smasher1959/Pbbirch                         C=Smasher1959


            The Bushwackers                                 Southern England Links

                       2                                                               5



  • wleiss
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    Sat, Feb 23 2019 9:03 AM

    Please excuse the post of the match standings I accidentally bumped here. I thought I was on the club's forum, not the WGT forum. When that one and this one finally pass moderation, maybe I can delete them.

  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Feb 24 2019 5:18 PM

    Was a real pleasure to have an Alt-Shot match with Pierre and Flip, not a whole lot in it traded shots back and forth, went into extras and on the 2nd extra we pulled of a 1 up win!

    Thanks for the Match fella's, great stuff

    Topper/Tino defeat Pierre/Flip 1 up