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Sel v Transgressional

Sun, Feb 3 2019 1:56 AM (96 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 3:17 AM

    Another Live Event today :

    (THAILAND) Jgr123  vs Tanapard (THAILAND) 

    Click here 

    • 8:00 pm Thai Time
    • 6:30 pm IST
    • 1:00 pm GMT
    • 8:00 am EST

    - Carl

  • terwyl1
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 3:29 AM

    Just lost to andyironhands by 5&3. Strange in a way I did not feel that I played badly, or indeed that Andy was that much better. Nevertheless after 2 lip outs and I think 3 other putts within a couple of feet I was 6 down at the turn. 

    I won 11 and 12 and eagled 13, BUT Andy equalled that Eagle. Eventually lost to a vg putt on 15. 

    The essence of the match was that Andy was generally that bit closer with approach shots, giving him vg putting chances, whereas mine were outside chances. 

    Thoroughly enjoyed match, just sorry I did not make it closer. 

  • andyironhands
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 3:30 AM

    andyironhands vs terwyl1


    I won 5 up, could of been closer terry had some really unfortunate putts that just wouldn't sink for him.


    Thanks for the game terry

  • carlosdev
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 7:57 AM

    Another result posting on behalf of Tana

    tanapard defeated jgr123 in a 18 hole match play game on WOLF CREEK GOLF CLUB. (regular 18, 2up)

    - Carl 

  • Phippo20040
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 9:06 AM

    Will be playing jw196128 at 7.30 pm UK time



  • Phippo20040
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 9:08 AM

    Not sure that worked 

    Twitch channel


  • MGB01
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 10:08 AM
    cousinzeke1 v mgb01.......cuz won 2&1......neither had our best day on the greens but cuz held it together better to see it out......congrats cuz
  • bencat
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 10:20 AM

    i tried to stem the flow of Transgressional wins but to no avail.

    I had a 2 up lead after 11 but Gavin won 12 and 15 to square the match. Having eagled 17 i hoped that might be good enough but Gavin eagled 18 from the top tier and then hit a 2nd shot into the 1st to 1.2 feet so eagled again for the win in extra holes.

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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 11:18 AM

    KYLANDER vs. RANGER1988 - 3 up for Transgressional.

    Topper (the owner of SEL) is a great sportsman; very decent, very enchanting, a pleasure to have in any game. 

    He was a bit unlucky with his putter, and I had to play my "A" game to bring it home.


  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 11:20 AM

    RANGER1988 VS Kylander

    Just finished an absolute great Match with Kyle, I wasn't able to match up with his putter today, as a couple slid around the cup for me, very steady and solid play this Evening from him!

    Very enjoyable round and great golf along the way!

    Kylander wins 3&2

    Thanks Kyle, really enjoyed the company!