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Sel v Transgressional

Sun, Feb 3 2019 1:56 AM (96 replies)
  • pipala
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 8:57 AM

               SEL 34 v Transgressional 71

    Welcome to the thread for the inter cc match between SEL and Transgressional.  It's taken a lot of negotiation to arrange this one and I would like to say a huge thank you to Carl and Mickey at Transgressional for all of your help and the laughs putting all of this together over the past month. There's some cracking line ups in this one and i'm sure it will provide great entertainment for players and twitch spectators alike. Best of luck to all involved, enjoy yourselves

    The rules for the match are as follows;

    1. 18 Hole matchplay - Wolf Creek
    2. Due date is midnight 31st January GMT
    3. Games will be set with a default 90 second clock and 7 timeouts. however if players wish to negotiate different settings by mutual agreement before the match that is fine
    4. Please friend request your opponent as soon as possible
    5. Please ensure matches are arranged between the pairings for a set time and date, invite me when i'm green is unacceptable
    6. Please communicate any match problems to myself or Carl as soon as possible
    7. Please post your match results in here so I can keep everything updated
    8. The use of focus boosts are prohibited and will lead to disqualification
    9. No handicap system will be used
    10. Points will be scored as follows;

    Win - 3 pts
    Win after extra holes - 2pts
    Loss after extra holes - 1pt
    Loss - 0pts

    The matches are as follows;

    Benjawood ex holes v
    v    Kelsp 1up
    Doubleeaglerob v    frenchconnect 1up
       wasagojii 4&3
       JJ656 6&5
       Loiger ex holes
    Penglish3 2up
    Pipala ex holes v
    phippo20040 v
       jw196128 1up
    Justripit1 3up v
    Debrug v
       Liam91 ex holes
    Zulu24 v
       Pralaya 1up
    Paulfinn52 v
       TiptopToppin 2up
    bubbsboy 4up v
    john1049 v
       bibou71 1up
    Jessicahill21 v
    cousinzeke1 2up v
    Billd1994 v
    ttuna1234 1up v
    Philestein v
    Ranger1988 v
       Kylander 3up
    terwyl1 v
       andyironhands 5&3
    AnaNikolaj v
    spanishfox v
       giraldin 5up
    ostfriedel v
       achtbaan 3&2
    bencat v
       gav1976 ex holes
    Cjadams28 4up v
    Jgr123 v
       Tanapard 2up
    amateur4sure v
       llahbes 3up
    Paulburtner v
       Elenaki 2&1
    Tdotdoba ex holes v
    Nicozandberg 3&1 v
    mike59a0 v
       carlosdev 5&4

    onekeano                     v       baggepance extra holes


    Please feel free to use this thread to post match reports, banter, jokes and bribes, mainly bribes :)

  • carlosdev
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 9:18 AM

    Well done PIP.. Fantastic job....

    Time flew setting it up n here we are...

    "SEL CC" was an amazing set of people to work with n hang around.

    Iam wishing everyone a big "Good luck" . Some fantastic matches are on the way ! "Sharkism vs Sharkism" 

    There will be couple of live matches to enjoy the real fun !! 

    PS : Talking about bribes, iam offering free fireworks in their name, whoever hits OOB ;) 

    WD "Mickey n Pip" for this initiative and the work.

    Our "TCC" Live Matches in Twitch n Mixer : 

    Click the Match card to get to their streams.

    Follow them to get the notifications.







    - Carl 

  • MGB01
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 9:28 AM
    good luck to both teams......lets hope for a great battle played with fantastic sportsmanship.....have fun all
  • amateur4sure
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 11:34 AM

    Well done lads for getting this set up, Loads of top looking Match Ups right there.

    Just remember to have fun, above all have fun, make friends and have a blast.

  • TdotDoba
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 12:00 PM

    Looking forward to it, good luck all

  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 3:35 PM

    Great work Carl, Mick, and Pipster! Great battles for sure! Best of Luck to all participants!


  • pierolitfiba
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    Mon, Jan 7 2019 4:54 AM
    Good luck ev1
  • wasagojii
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    Mon, Jan 7 2019 9:26 AM

    nice job guys !

    GordonParker  and me  agreed to play Tuesday January 8, 8pm UK time

    live twitch

  • gordonparker
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    Mon, Jan 7 2019 9:35 AM


    nice job guys !

    GordonParker  and me  agreed to play Tuesday January 8, 8pm UK time

    live twitch

    Im looking forward to it Michel. Lets hopefully put on a show for the viewers. See you all tomorrow evening.



  • amateur4sure
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    Mon, Jan 7 2019 11:07 AM

    Nice one Michel thanks for the Heads Up We`ll stick it in forum and hopefully plenty watching, Have fun you two..