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BirdieBoyz is Recruiting!!!- Post Updated!

Fri, Oct 9 2020 1:03 PM (56 replies)
  • Neil401229
    7 Posts
    Mon, Dec 31 2018 7:17 PM

    I was invited to join this Country Club some time ago now and decided to give it a go and was definitely one of my better decisions! With the addition of the Telegram app the club has been able to organise a massive amount of in-club competions where it is always competitive but most importantly always friendly. Our Version of the Ryder Cup with USA v Rest of World is great fun where we have a dedicated Telegram room with live commentary of matches and always plenty of amusing comments. Then there are the members who are always willing to offer help and advice that will guarantee to improve your game regardless of your level.

    Jump in and join the fun you won’t regret it.

  • Smitty2169
    4 Posts
    Tue, Jan 1 2019 8:45 AM
    "Membership " Hi and Happy New Year. Would love to join your club. Very active player that is looking looking for a club with a more interaction than the one I am currently in. I got transferred ownership of the club I am in which has improved and grown since I did but still not enough from the club when it comes to tourneys or any other club type event. Anyway, sorry for long message and thanks for the consideration. Thanks, Smitty2169
  • MaudC
    106 Posts
    Thu, Jan 3 2019 1:55 PM

    So much fun. We are playing President Cup (USA VS REST OF THE WORLD) this weekend. Fed ex cup starts end of the month. Come and join us, loads of banter but always friendly.

  • Elmo031
    39 Posts
    Wed, Jan 9 2019 8:59 PM
    232 Posts
    Thu, Jan 10 2019 3:21 PM
    Come join us. Looking for players that love this game. Members who look out for each other. We have members that care about what is going on in your life. Very competitive in turf wars and clashes. Come on and give us a try. You want be sorry. SSBWAREAGLE Owner
    232 Posts
    Fri, Jan 11 2019 9:56 PM

    We still have some membership open.  Just finished the club clash we’re we finished in the top 10.  GREAT JOB.  NOW let’s get ready for the Ryder Cup.  If you like activity, this is your club.   If you like to partner with other members in best ball matches,   This is the club to join.  Love to have you.  What are you waiting on.  We have open membership.  No waiting for approval.  Join and start using you country club pass to earn xp points.  

  • jimreser
    18 Posts
    Sat, Jan 12 2019 5:43 PM

    Great organization folks...loads of fun and tourneys...great banter and fun 

  • zarz007
    52 Posts
    Mon, Jan 14 2019 12:04 AM

    Great Club and a even better bunch of members.

    The club has everything for every level of player.

    Do yourself a favour and join today.


  • Danny82401
    1 Posts
    Wed, Jan 16 2019 12:36 PM

    Been with these guys for just a little bit.  Awesome folks.  They have everything from highly advanced players to beginners.  No pressure from anyone, tons of outstanding advice, and really fun, no pressure atmosphere.  Low or high handicap, you're going to have fun (I am a high handicap haha).  **what was said above is true, guys and gals equally welcome 

  • Richard20181
    1 Posts
    Thu, Jan 17 2019 8:42 PM

    If your looking to better your game and learn some really neat tips and tricks to be more competitive, well you have found the place. I joined Birdieboyz a few months back and what a time it's been.  I've shaved 20 strokes off my game, learned precise shots on pitching, chipping and putting, plus met some really great people.  We have alot of in house tournaments and games that make it all the more enjoyable. So if all that sounds fun to you, come check out what we're can offer. 

    Thank you to everyone in Birdieboyz for letting me be a part of the family.