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Putting Tip: Distance Control

Mon, Jan 2 2023 5:14 PM (1,173 replies)
  • JGates
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    Tue, Dec 30 2008 12:59 PM

    There's been a few threads asking to put numbers on the meter here but, I've always disagreed to this simply on the premise that golf shouldn't be played with a calculator. In real life you don't say "I'm gonna swing 72%", you say "hmm, about a 3/4 swing, maybe a little easy".

    Well in real life you also know what a 3/4 swing is.  I can tell by my body when I am about 3/4 swing.  Looking at a black bar and trying to guess the middle is not the same.  You are right, you don't say hey I'm going to hit it 72%.  But if you know the club's max is 100 and you only want 75 they you know you need about a 3/4 swing and as of now you have to guess where 3/4 swing is.  Now if you were actually playing you know how far back you have to come for a 3/4 swing.  I just don't get the argument you are trying to make.  I really don't think the absence of marks make the game more realistic.




  • nivlac
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    Tue, Dec 30 2008 1:27 PM

    You may fully intend to hit a shot 75% or a 3/4 swing.  That doesn't mean you'll put the club on the ball with the exactly the precise amount of power (aka the exact swing speed) every single time.  Human precision to that detail is just not possible. Maybe Iron Byron could, but Iron Byron is a machine and even it has the slightest variation.  Humans on the other hand tend to overswing or underswing a little.  Anyone who tells you they can hit it precisely on point with absolutely no variation in swing speed every single time is just blowin' hot air.  Pros miss short and long too.

    Check out my post again because I think you're focusing too heavily on my personal opinion.  Your complaint is about the lack of ability to know where your percentage markers are.  This is just to let folks know that there are markers on the meter, just not in the traditional fashion.  I'm simply showing you how to recognize it and translate it into results on the green.

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    Tue, Dec 30 2008 2:29 PM

     Thanks nivlac

    I will be sure to try reading this when putting. It makes sense. only constructive comments are that don't take replies personally!! I was thinking the same thing about the measure of swing by judging the swing meter for power of swing. half meter is half backswing..... I don't believe anyone is discounting your advice.

    I am glad that you gave putting advice when no one else has and thank you for that because most rounds of real golf I experienced is that you are on in 1 or 2 and off with 2 or 4, so most of the game is on the green.

    But just like real life you see Driving ranges everywhere and putting greens only at a course. That shows that most people are consumed with the power shots and forget about the real skill.

    Keep 'em coming   nivlac

  • nivlac
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    Tue, Dec 30 2008 2:56 PM

    GMTIM: only constructive comments are that don't take replies personally!! ..... I don't believe anyone is discounting your advice.

    No, I know.  Just a difference of opinion. :)  It's sometimes hard to convey emotion and/or state of mind through simple forum text but, I can assure you about 99% of my replies are meant to be taken in a very laid back manner.  I try not to take anything personally if I can help it and I apologize in advance if it ever comes off that way. :)

    GMTIM:...most people are consumed with the power shots and forget about the real skill.

    Drive for show.  Putt for dough. :D

  • codmot
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    Sat, Jan 3 2009 10:35 PM

     long b4 i read this i figured out another way and it works fairly well. some may call it a cheat but if they dont like it, tuff sht. I taped a piece of lined paper to my computor with the top of it right under the meter.  there are 15 lines between the start of swing and end of swing, making each line worth 2 feet on the 30ft putter. Its fairly accurate but does nothing for the break of green as you can tell from my 1.81 putts per hole average. Im aalmost always close on my 1st putt so second is a tap-in. I t makes putting and chipping easier and also helps to only get a percentage of clubs. You still have to hit it right(perfect shot) or it will do no good.

    You can also put your own marks on a piece of stiff paper and just lean it against screen. I hope this idea helps some of the newbies and maybe even some of the AM's. It's a whole lot faster than counting the times the putter goes back. I'd relish some feedback on this idea, good or bad.

  • FredO56
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    Sat, Jan 10 2009 8:51 AM

    cool made same shot 50/50 now i know why missed

  • NOLEgolfer
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    Tue, Jan 13 2009 7:36 AM

     i would like to know why the player is off to the left when trying to putt.  this reallty throws my aim off since i dont have a true view of where my putt is going.  is anyone else having this problem?

  • nivlac
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    Tue, Jan 13 2009 7:40 AM

    Welcome to the WGT NOLEgolfer! :)

    Basically there just isn't enough pictures of the greens yet to be able to place your avatar dead center.  If you think about it, you'd have to take 1 picture for each degree.  360 pictures just around the cup.  That's a big download. 

    I have requested for them to take additional pictures in and around the greens to give us more accurate views.  Hopefully they can oblige.

  • DeerRun
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    Tue, Jan 13 2009 9:28 AM

    Thanks Nolegolfer.  This explains why I miss some relatively short putts!

  • NOLEgolfer
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    Tue, Jan 13 2009 10:58 AM

     wel then that answers my question.  thank you for the quick response.  the putting thig def. isnt enough to deter me from playing, i really enjoy the game.  for now ill stick mainly to the closest to the pin contest :) no putting needed there!