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Monthly & Weekly Tournament Payout Totals Are Changing

Sun, Sep 29 2019 12:04 AM (162 replies)
  • DodgyPutter
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    Fri, Aug 23 2019 3:37 PM

    I appreciate that it's easy for someone like me, who knows nothing of databases etc. to suggest  that when a player achieves earnings of, say, 1000$ (100,00 credits) e.g., that they are automatically promoted (regardless of number of ranked rounds played) and each subsequent 1000$ sees them moved up again. (i'm just using those numbers as an example) You could even make that information public as there would be no way for them to avoid being promoted then. As it stands, with the top 3 only being paid in these monthly 200cr tiered tournaments players are looking at the same handful of entrants taking the prizes over and over and realise that it's pretty pointless to enter, hence the very low number of entrants in relation to the credits paid out. Maybe widening  it up to say, top 10?, would encourage more entries?

    A couple of points.

    Earlier you mentioned Mags suggestion, an important part of it was this:

    Forget about the idea of 'career earnings' the way WGT lists it now. This is a red herring. I'm talking about net profit (winnings minus entry fees, even minus ball usage if WGT want to go that deep) for every type of event/match played. If you leave any loopholes or types of events that aren't counted, these are what the cheats will exploit to make, sell, and move their credits.

    I have over $5,000 of 'earnings' but still spend on the game. It wouldn't be fair to penalise players just because they like playing rg's (or whatever) and wgt count 50c back from a 100c rg as 'winnings'.

    You quote some numbers for the premium monthly tornaments but they are misleading.  There are as you point out few scores showing on the leaderboard, 15 now in TC, but that isn't how many entered.  It now takes a 54 to have a chance of a prize so a few pars and many will quit, this will be the majority.  Even before the low scores are posted folk know they will be and quit when things go slightly wrong.  We have no idea how many enter.

    How about instead of changing the format of a tournament some enjoy just starting a new one along whatever lines.  Even without that there are plenty of rg's, with varying entry fees, where the top 10 win. 

  • kavvz
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    Fri, Aug 23 2019 5:47 PM

    Good points Dodgy.

    I recall posting something similar about making the monthly 200 cr tourney's payout top 10, but in hindsight if you do that the payouts for the top 3 would have to suffer to extend those winnings 7 more places.  If that happened, would it really be different from a 200 cr RG?  Probably not.  I say now leave those monthly tourney's alone.

    I'm still wondering Champ if you've ever considered or could consider making major tourney's (VT, VUSO, VUSA) single play?  If we look at the current VUSA brackets as a example making them like that would certainly mix things up a bit at the top of the leaderboards.  If you give the best unlimited chances to shoot 52/3/4 they're eventually going to do it, but give them 1 shot...maybe not every time.  :) 

  • BrodenSpeer23
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    Sun, Sep 29 2019 12:04 AM

    At the time of this post I’m level 55. I just got promoted from Tour Pro to Master and this have completed in both the Tour Pro and Master Open for September 2019. In the former I currently have the #1 score. In the latter I have the tied #6 score. It is the 29th today so there shouldn’t be many changes to these results by the end of the month.


    Tier Opens will be changing the most. This change is, for most tiers, because the number of people entering does not justify the number of credits awarded to the top 3 players.


    Maybe I’m mistaken, but is this not still occurring? The reward for Master tier is 4k for 1st, 3k for 2nd and 2k for 3rd. That’s 9k credits total. But 140 players have entered that tournament for 200 credits each. 140 x 200 is 28k. So the fees in entry are over 3x the actual prize pool. Where is this money going?

    Again, I might be mistaken. But it is my assumption that I will not receive any reward despite placing 6th out of 140 players and 1 stroke off the top 3.