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Monthly & Weekly Tournament Payout Totals Are Changing

Sun, Sep 29 2019 12:04 AM (162 replies)
  • EasyEdward
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 8:09 AM

    A couple of points made about the CC Bank above need to be highlighted, because they deserve WGT's consideration:

    Williams2001 makes a proposal that makes sense AND takes care of WGT's concern of a CC made up entirely of multi accouters using the CC Bank feature to their advantage.

    Make the CC Bank a CC Benefit for reaching CC Level 18 or 19.

    If Level 19 (which I prefer as it makes it impossible for a one person multiaccounter to reach),  the CC Bank would be limited to about 102 CCs. Heck,even with my 2,113 day long CDP and a premier pass and 6 Custom Course glitch rounds a day it would take me just shy of 3 years for me to get to a CC to Level 19 if it was just me.

    As was pointed out these are established CCs that have been around for awhile and by getting there have demonstrated they are operated well.

    Make withdrawals from the CC Bank available only to the Owner and Directors.

    This way you get rid of the complaint by the CC owner to WGT that some recruit stole all the money and left because the owner was dumb and forgot to limit the withdrawals to just the owner and Directors.

    I can already hear WGT replying:  "But what if one of the Directors goes rogue on the CC we do not want to be in the middle of that."  You already have said the social part of the game is something WGT believes is important and does not want to create situations that may interfere with or create unpleasant situations.

    The problem is you already do,but apparently only when it is to WGT's economic advantage.  Champion, may I point you simply to the way a CC gets involved with the Clash. Let's say a CC out there was named The We Never Clash CC you allow any member even a new recruit in that CC  to start a Clash. Why? Your stated reason is you want all WGT players to have the opportunity to participate in this event. But by your actions you just forced a Clash the other 249 members who never wanted it.

    You also force us to put up with a rogue member who fills up all the CC's Tournaments even if we have regularly scheduled CC Tournaments waiting to start.

    One point above that was made I feel a need to address. CCs are allowed to create their own internal rules, whatever they may be. Some are simple, like in The Peoples Club Play at least monthly, do not create any easy tee CC Tournaments, and be respectful to fellow members and the WGT community at large. Other may require Clash participation, or Turf War participation,or playing in X number of CC tournaments a week or month,or generating X number of CC XPs each week. That is their right and as a member I can agree or find a different CC. 

    If a CC decides to require a 50 credit deposit each month to the CC Bank as "dues" I have the same option to agree or to find a different CC. When I was the owner of The Peoples Club I booted out 2 members who were being disrespectful to the WGT at large in their posts and wall messages. It was my right and simply put WGT never had to get involved in either and I do not suspect you ever would...



  • TopShelf2010
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 8:53 AM


  • pmm711
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 9:53 AM

    Oh I get it now... finally.



    Not at all. I think the fact that Champion has been open for some dialog members are getting some good, honest responses to questions that have been asked through the years. Instead of simply “No”, we’re getting some reasoning behind the word. It’s good for “understanding” and “closure”. Basically we know we’ve been heard instead of ignored.

    Thanks Champion for the open line. It’s been a great help and a great read so far.
  • CEverett12
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 9:56 AM

    Technically , the movement of credits between accounts is against the rules ,  The Bank would violate the rules and be problematic for WGT .   However if you are honest and upfront with your members I'm sure you can figure something out . 

  • RyjaTybas
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 10:47 AM

    A very good way to get people playing more - would be to add 2nd pins on courses lacking them.

    It was done with Kia, the very first course, so why not RSG, Olympic, Pebble etc....?!?!?

    Lots of good ideas and communication in this thread....

    I'll play the Virtual Opens - as there as two single play rounds - but I don't waste time on the others, with just one single play round.

    As a "mid-range" champ - the winnings for, say, 30-70th place - are too meagre - compared to the cost of balls.

    It was a LOT easier as tour legend - LOL - so not surprised the prizes have been re-jigged,

  • maoriand1
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 10:49 AM


    Technically , the movement of credits between accounts is against the rules ,  The Bank would violate the rules and be problematic for WGT .   However if you are honest and upfront with your members I'm sure you can figure something out . 

    yes u right but i still think that for serious club it would means a great improuvement . 

    the sistem is possible to find out.. because they could give the bank only to club with a certain level .. so they can cut out all the bad situation linked to a bank.  for example a seller that use the bank to sell his credits... 

    the bank in the owner tool too... so only 1 player can control it. 


  • EasyEdward
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 11:26 AM

    Oh I get it now... finally.

    Quite different then your example Don. 

    In this situation the kid asked for the toy and the parents said No. 

    Then, we kids, asked why not? 

    The parents then gave their reasons just like Champion has graciously done.

    So lets say the parents said at our age the toy was too dangerous to play with (kinda like Champion said when he pointed out it could be abused). 

    We, the kids, are just responding now with:  What if I only play with it when you are around?

    We have indeed been told No before, but this time WGT replied to our question Why not? Now what  I and others are trying to do is point out ways how the concerns of WGT might be addressed. 

    Along with Paul and others who have said this above; I applaud Champion for having an open dialogue and encourage others to share their ideas. It has been a long time since WGT has opened a dialogue like this.  To them I say Bravo!It will be so refreshing to see in a week or so the results when Champion comes back and says:

    Here is what we are going to do and our reasoning for it


    Here is what we are not going to do and our reasoning for not.



  • DodgyPutter
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 12:01 PM


    Oh I get it now... finally.

    Regarding the Bank situation... this is just like when we were little kids. There was a new toy on the market that we desperately wanted. We asked our parents for it and they said "No." Rather than accepting their decision we kept pestering them by continuing to ask them hoping they would change their mind.

    If memory serves me correctly,, after the third or fourth time I asked for something after my parents said no I was introduced to my dad's belt and sent to my room.

    Just saying...

    Ah the good old days of beating kids with a belt for asking for something.

    If there is a new toy on the market why shouldn't people give their reasons for wanting it and why wgt should give it, and generally have a reasonable debate?  

  • Williams01210021
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 12:12 PM

    except were not kids and asking for something that would be positive to the game and help clubs out....

    yes some people might go over the top and spam requests. So far i dont think people have and it is just nice to get a reply of why not. Sometimes some of the mods dont actually see what people are wanting or dont get it. No disrespect to them but some of them hardly play the game. As much as i thank them for their work some times they dont see what regular players do or club owners. Classic example. Champ did that tournament the other day. Multi round ctth that i asked for. He did 2 rounds that lasted 24 hours. Not being funny but that was not a great idea, why? because people need more than 1 day per round. Not everyone logs on each day and can get multiple rounds in. Minimum a tournament should last for is like 3 days. Again thats my view but im sure 90% of the community would want/need that to. 

    Would a bank help me and my club? a little bit. Im lucky i have set up a pay pal pool which i use to help fund our clubs prizes etc. Some people still dont feel safe handing money over to someone, Im sure if i had the bank option as well they would be happier with that. I dont see the harm in having it. wouldn't take much programming to sort out and would help people out even if its a small percentage it still some.

  • alosso
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    Sat, Oct 27 2018 12:59 PM

    except were not kids
    Except that there is no resonable debate about such issues between the company and their clients. Proven gazillion times.

    My pivotal moment was (in 2012?) when there was a lengthy and constructive discussion between users about their wishes and proposals, resulting in a valuable list. Mods even promised to take it to the developers. Then, nothing happened, until they were pressed for an answer, stating that nothing was considered.

    The meticulous description of the situation has been my status ever since:

    Divine Comedy, Inferno III, 9