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Eliminate wedges on greens

Wed, Oct 3 2018 5:27 AM (141 replies)
  • whooshdangit
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    Wed, Oct 3 2018 12:32 AM


    In CTTH putting there are several holes unreachable as this only goes 100ft or so reliably. Even in tournaments, this is also sometimes the case.

    Hi hh

    Are we talking about the monthly CTTH Best of Wedge Putting here?  surprise  The longest is 260ft (roughly 83yds), you should be able to reach that without breaking sweat. I've just tried it with the mr. frosty snow ball (turbo rock) and managed a respectable 9.8ft with a punched 3wd and around 26% power. I think 27/28% should be close on 300ft so I'm not sure what's going wrong, you should be able to reach them all easily.

    Good luck + Happy hittin'


  • headhacker
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    Wed, Oct 3 2018 5:27 AM

    Driver is a no go, but I got the 3W to work OK.  HIO on #1 after a few adjustments.

    Now that I have tried this, I don't like doing this .. AT ALL. It doesn't feel like golf, and I have used a 3W off deeper fringe around the green. I don't think this is a worthwhile skill to have or develop. Cheating or not, I'll let others decide.

    My putter is much more accurate and consistent, I have reliable increments out to 300ft and very precise ones at shorter distances. It is predictable and it works well.

    In real life, on the greens, I am known as a unique putter. I use one hand (right) and been doing so for 10 years. It simplifies the motion and works for me. To practice, I use a wedge, but not in the way described here. I used it edge on, in a drill I learned many years ago. It basically means using the leading edge as your putting surface, which is curved as well, making the sweet spot very small. Additionally, the goal is a smooth roll along the ground, making the intended point of contact a hair below the equator a very small mark to aim for indeed. This is a great practice drill for my style of putting.