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2018 AndysonMemorial Round 2 (post score here)

Thu, Aug 16 2018 6:08 PM (102 replies)
  • MainzMan
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 2:08 AM

    Damn I nearly forgot round 2 as well.  I wanted to play with at least one other player but these days I don't get online long enough for that.

    Oh well, it turned out pretty good, shame about the 3 pars in a row on the back 9 and leaving the eagle putt on the last hole 6 inches short.

    08.13.18 Pebble Beach Golf Links Full 18 Champion 59

  • middbrew
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 2:42 AM

    Thank you again for the great tourney  

    08.13.18 Pebble Beach Golf Links Full 18 Tour Legend 63
  • biggunky
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 3:52 AM

    Mark me down for a 66 on Pebble, not my best effort. Thank you for putting on this great event in honor of an outstanding gentleman gone way too soon. Looking foward to next years event. 


  • amateur4sure
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 4:14 AM

    I`m guessing Dennis was in stitches watching us try and play golf, Well 3 of us anyway as Jason was in Robot mode lol

    Think Barn door from 10 paces and miss after miss :-)

    ................But by heck we all had fun and while Aaron, David & Myself were busy bumbling and stumbling through we were also admiring Jason front 9 and gutted that he had to leave due to company arriving earlier than planned....   Due to the many (3) viewers that were having a laugh in twitch I continued to stream the game..

    Would you believe no sooner had we lost Jason we lost David to the Disco fever pfft

    Aaron continued to drag me through the Back 9 (headfirst I may add pfft) and every time we mentioned the words "Finish in style"  we got that flash back to the Barn Door lol

    It was brilliant to finally meet you Aaron, Been a while coming this one, Have wanted to get a game in with you for quite a while, Absolute pleasure my friend, The company was awesome with David & Jason how could it not be, So much fun out there.

    Horrible golf but do we care.. Not a chance, Not this round, This round is to celebrate one Man`s life and all the Souls he touched and another chance to bring this golfing community together and in doing that meeting new friends..


  • duda51
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 4:23 AM

    David, Chris & I made the turn at a modest, errr...very modest lol, -4, -2 & -4, respectively.  We then lost David to a disconnect on #10 and he wasn't able to get back.....sorry David, wish that hadn't happened to ya.

    Ok so after i had a Tech issue(2 many kids and not enuff wifi battery) i lost connection and did not make it back in time, so i will have to start my round again, i was -4 going onto 11th hole so i will get to that score again and continue from 11 at -4 if that is ok with you guys..

    Now for the round before it ended- We were having a great time and great laugh, there was no battle or competition between us it was just a couple of guys out having a round in honour of a great man,Andy. As you can see from the scores we were more interested in the fun side of the game that trying to post great scores and sometimes i forget that this game is about having fun and playing with super people like bigcountry317/amateur4sure and young46 and i`m  just sorry that i lost connection from this wonderful round.

    This is a great Tournament because there is no pressure to perform well like the WC or playing in cc v cc tourneys, The only pressure with this tourney is to have as much fun as you can with a massive smile on your face while doing so. So fair play to all you guys for putting this on in Memory of a guy who over the years has given us all massive laughs and giggles and help us in anyway he could.

    Now to end i have to say that young46 was -9 or -10 before he had to leave the game at the 9th and i wanted to say that guy can play this game. Just Awesome to watch.

  • bubbsboy
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 5:51 AM

    After trying to hit path on 1st (bogie) i had good holes 2 to 7......then crud ;-)

    Cheers Bill and any helpers in doing this, happy to have played the two rounds but now bow out, let someone else play the MP if i was to be picked.

    R.I.P Dennis......the forum is a lot worse off for your absence, and i know you will never be forgotten.

  • abbielb
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 5:53 AM

    abbielb.....60.... bad b9 like always.....pleasure to play in the memory of a wgt legend....thx to the organizers....great way to remember someone special

  • conveyorguy
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 6:39 AM

    Will do Shed...wasn't sure 

  • 19cltc67
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 7:59 AM

    started of with a par, typical. end up gettin lucky on a few holes tho

    cheers and gl


  • twinponds169
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 10:17 AM

    Not a very good showing as the winds were quite misbehaving, lol.

    Thank you to Bill for all your great effort here in making this happen. Hope I get lucky and move on.

    A toast to Dennis !!!

    08.13.18 Pebble Beach Golf Links Full 18 Champion 63