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2018 AndysonMemorial Round 2 (post score here)

Thu, Aug 16 2018 6:08 PM (102 replies)
  • AussieMick11
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 8:38 AM

    Thank you again for the tournament and good luck to everyone who plays in the brackets. It was an honour to play in Andyson's memory.

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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 9:17 AM






      My PB score is 63.

    I would like to thank you for this great tournament. I didn't know Andyson, but God bless





  • bigcountry317
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 1:35 PM






    We are set to shoot R2 as a foursome on Sunday at 2pm case anyone is interested, I'm thinking it is prolly safe to assume Jason will stream the round.  Thanks for making it possible to set this up guys, should be a helluva lotta fun!


    Well......we sorta pulled it off.  Jason was a machine from the start while David, Chris & I were slow out of the gate, with only a handful of quality shots between us, but we were still having a blast.  Jason continued the onslaught and was at -9 or -10 at the turn but had to forfeit the round due to unexpected company showing up.  Sorry you had to do that Jason, we were enjoying the clinic and the banter! :-)

    David, Chris & I made the turn at a modest, errr...very modest lol, -4, -2 & -4, respectively.  We then lost David to a disconnect on #10 and he wasn't able to get back.....sorry David, wish that hadn't happened to ya.  Chris and I finished out the round with several more less than spectacular shots and limped our way in at 64 for me and 66 for Chris.  We cussed a few weird shot results but, sad to say, our guestimators just weren't functioning properly today lmao!

    The golf was ugly, at best lol, but the company was stellar.....had a blast gents and, Chris, it was a pleasure to finally get a round in with you mate!  Best of luck to ya Jason & David in finishing your rounds!  Tip of the hat to ya Dennis, still playing a roll in bringing the greater wgt community together!


  • drmoose
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 2:07 PM

    Proud to report I carded a whopping 84, but, raised a few glasses in Dennis' honor. Now, I'm off bang all the sand outta my shoes, an' have a few shafts straightened. Always an honor to participate. Well done job runnin' this Shedlite.

    Doc :)

  • conveyorguy
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 5:19 PM

    hadda shoot front and back separate due to time issues, but 34 + 35 for a fairly respectable 69. Thank you great honor indeed.

  • NicNac19
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 5:37 PM

    Thanks organizers and players. Good fun but not so good score.


  • Mlevin
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 8:07 PM

    Just played the second round and carded a 56. 

    Cheers, Marc

  • Shedlite
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 9:27 PM


    hadda shoot front and back separate due to time issues, but 34 + 35 for a fairly respectable 69. Thank you great honor indeed.

    how to put this 18hole stroke does not equal f9 +b9 if it did then first score in week on both would be the ones counted and those were higher. I hate to be tight fisted on this but score can not be counted unless 18hole stroke sorry. You still have a few days to try again


  • hyrus
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    Sun, Aug 12 2018 11:56 PM

    Had evil winds all around but managed -10 (62) at the Bish with 2 lucky eagles.


  • DufferJohn7
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    Mon, Aug 13 2018 12:19 AM

    Thanks again to the organizers and fellow competitors. A bit frustrating putting round but in the spirit of Andyson and the Duffer's attitude each lip out was met with laughter.

    Hope to see you again next year,

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


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