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Aphrodite v Southern England Links-Alt. Shot Challenge

Wed, Aug 1 2018 9:38 AM (54 replies)
  • PGoldfinch
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    Mon, Jul 23 2018 8:48 PM

    Perfect  Ken...that  is how  freindlys  should  be  played  or  even  WC rounds

    2,906 Posts
    Tue, Jul 24 2018 3:16 AM

    live match sunday 29th 7pm bst

    paulfinn/amatuer4sure  v  ladyluck/ahades

    should be a cracking match

    one of us will twitch,will update later

  • Justripit1
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    Tue, Jul 24 2018 1:27 PM

    Kdownunder /19015Graham   VS.  Bluey403 /Justripit1 

    This match is happening Saturday at 7am US cst.
    Looking forward to meeting you both :)
  • TdotDoba
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 7:57 AM

    TdotDoba/TTuna1234 vs Cwire/Rsilverbullet will be playing Sunday the 29th 8pm eastern time.


    Good luck and have fun all

  • TdotDoba
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 7:59 AM


    TheAceFactor /Lisa03* VS.  KenBTexas /RANGER1988 *

    We had a great match and fun was had.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the company, the banter and the golf.

    Many great shots by both teams .. and a few others as per usual.

     in the end Ace and Lisa win one up one the last as it should be.

    Many thanks Ladies...

    Sounds like a great match, have a feeling most of these will come down to the last couple holes or sudden death....

    Well done, first blood to Aphrodite :)


  • Phippo20040
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 5:11 PM

    Kurksbuford/ elsemonica v jgr123/ phippo20040 


    Teeing off 2.30 pm Friday uk time


    Twitch   phippo2004

  • Lisa03
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 5:54 PM


    TdotDoba/TTuna1234 vs Cwire/Rsilverbullet will be playing Sunday the 29th 8pm eastern time.


    Good luck and have fun all

    Should be a tight match-is there a chance it might be streamed?


  • PhilEStein
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 11:16 PM

    The match between  WickedWoman /Gyrene120  VS.  PhilEstein /NewcastleB will be played Sat 28th July at 5pm Zulu time.

  • Phippo20040
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    Fri, Jul 27 2018 9:08 AM

    Copied from sells proboards

    John and I have just finished our match with Kurt and Monica

    They got off to a flyer with two bendy putts on the 1st for birdie from Monica and a super putt for eagle on the 2nd from Kurt
    We pulled one back on the 3rd
    Then a great tee shot from Kurt leaves his partner a 5.5 foot eagle putt which see sinks
    It stays at 2d until the eighth when Kurta meter froze which saw his tee shot land in the thick rough
    We make the turn at 1d
    Then lose the 10th and 11th to find ourselves 3d
    We win the 13th and 14th to get back to 1d

    Then as we putted out for a half on 15 the fun began, John had been having trouble with his connection and a message came up team gold disqualified 
    After a few minutes we were back on the tenth tee so concede holes to get back to where we should be but on the 14th for some reason we could not concede any more so played out the next two hole to be on the16th tee at 1d
    Game on
    16th tee John's turn to get metered and goes in the bunker we end up losing the hole to go 2 down to make them Cormier
    17th Monica mensions she does not like this hole and promptly puts on in a nice spot on the green I match it trickling past her ball by a few inches, John has to make the putt, boom a great putt and Kurt misses to take the game down the 18th
    A nice wind on the tee both tee shots perfect I was first to go and thought I had played the perfect shot as my 5 iron landed about a foot from the hole but alas it did not bite and rolled another 11 foot there approach was about 10 feet short so John had to putt first and was Unlucky as it just rolled past the hole giving our opponents two putts for the win 

    So Aphrodite win 1 up on the 18th

    I'm sure I speak for John aswell when I say it was a most enjoyable match with two great people so thanks Kurt and Monica for the game it was a blast and good luck going forward

    All the best 

  • bubbsboy
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    Fri, Jul 27 2018 10:24 AM

    Great fun it seems and yet another nail biter.

    SEL turn next ;-)