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Henry Kawa > Moderator?

Sat, Nov 16 2019 4:51 PM (55 replies)
  • Robert1893
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    Thu, Jul 19 2018 6:10 AM


    I think Henry really just want's icon's pink tutu.

    Well, who wouldn't? ;-) 

  • mkg335
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    Thu, Jul 19 2018 7:29 AM

    Presently in the US, the most incompetent and most untrustworthy rise to the top; therefore, anybody is qualified to do anything.

  • pmm711
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 7:01 AM


    I believe I can be a very good role model and excellent Moderator.


    I am well respected in real life and hopefully on WGT.  

  • craigswan
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 7:36 AM

    How many mods does it take to change a lightbulb at topgolf .

    A member to notice the lightbulb needs fixing, who pms a moderator asking for it to be fixed, but the moderator doesnt have the powers to fix lightbulbs, so they contact  henry  who is to busy making a four page long test post, so they contact customer services  who are  busy working on version 8 of wolf creek  (coming soon), so they pm another global moderator, who bans any members who try to make a thread about the broken lightbulb, then moves it to the support board, where Icon  needs the original lightbulb so he can buy a new one that is the same make, who then (once he has bought the lightbulb) gets every staff member together and they finally fix the lightbulb! .

    ....then two minutes later, it goes out again :P

  • Robert1893
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 7:40 AM

    How many mods does it take to change a lightbulb at topgolf .

    The light bulb doesn't need to be changed.

    You simply need to clear out the light socket and turn it off and back on again. If that doesn't work, you need to move the light bulb to a new house. 

  • gonfission
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 4:29 PM

    Try turning it off, and then on again

    Got a job in IT

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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 5:50 PM


    - Hello folks.  I have been on WGT for a very long time. 

    So the retired man around sixty years old calls six years a very long time?!

    A sixteen years old person could call six years a very long time.

    So Henry how old are you really, and who is that person you pretend to be?

    Your grandfather?

  • Duckster789
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 8:14 PM

    Henry lives by dog years; multiply everything by 7.

  • Leggoman13
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    Fri, Jul 20 2018 9:09 PM

    Keep at it, they may let you out some day.

  • craigswan
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    Thu, Jul 26 2018 8:09 AM

    Henry kawa - job application for post of Golf Forum Moderator .

    REASONS FOR APPLYING - I'm extremely motivated to find a position where I can apply my love of interpersonal communication to multifaceted colleagues and I am looking for work because even though my company was profitable last year, this year they expect a large defecate. 

    SALARY EXPECTATIONS - I plan to go travelling round the world next year but need to make money to pay for it first, hence my application. So: lots..


    Marital status: Repeatedly. Children: various.

    I am loyal and know when to keep my big trap shut. I offer mediocrity at its best.

    PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE - My last two places of employment closed down while I was working there.

     I have a wide variety of skills and experience, some of which I have taken for granted and cannot readily recall.

    In my misspent youth I repeatedly evaded the law as a pickpocket, drug dealer, burglar and internet fraudster so I know I have the makings of an expert policeman. 


    Twin sister has accounting degree.

     I have lurnt Word PErfect computor and spreaxsheet progroms.

     Trained in CPR and harassment..

    SPECIAL SKILLS - Able to function without emergency oxygen at 33,000 feet.

    Good people skills, except when people get on my nerves. Which is hardly ever - no more than once every 10 or 12 minutes. 

    I speak English and Spinach.

    HOBBIES & INTERESTS - Donating blood. 15 gallons so far.

    .Bungee jumping, paragliding, cliff diving and customer service.

    I rank first  in the world of golf .