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A) Shot Shaping (???) || B) What about the product, WGT?

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Sat, Mar 6 2021 12:11 PM (12 replies)
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  • SeveFrost
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    Sun, Jul 8 2018 3:42 AM

    you can shape shots. you can also use the wind to your advantage, it just takes practice

  • JFidanza
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    Sun, Jul 8 2018 9:48 AM

    Don't be delusional. 

    Most of us know you can't draw and fade your irons. You can somewhat draw and fade the driver only.


    Even Scotthope tested this and I'll believe him instead, he knows a lot more than most of us about this game. Just look at his homepage!




    and just because WGT version of UL (uneven lies) sucks ( which is featured in almost every other golf game) doesn't mean golfers don't like to play a game that is realistic. 

  • Tents3
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    Sat, Mar 6 2021 12:11 PM


    Would it make the game more realistic to be able to let the ballflight be more curvy with draw and fade? Yes, I think so. But what happened last time when WGT gave us an option to play the game in a more similar way to real golf? That was with the uneven lies. Did every player shout: "yeah, that is so realistic, I love it, thank you so much!"? Nope, most said: "Oh no, that is too hard, I cant play that way." So now we have only one 9 hole uel Wgt weekly tournament, all others are even lies. Me I like uel and some more do too. But most want to play the game like it ever was. That´s the reality. So if some want the game be more like real golf then start with playing uneven lies. Maybe we will get some other new options like shot shaping later then.

    WGT, I hope you are reading these posts!

    Perhaps the time has come to consider "Shot Shaping" again and perhaps it should be a tier level privilege accoutrement such as a set of irons that allow you to not only go up and down on where you hit the ball but also side to side in case you might have a reason to intentionally hook, slice or create a true over-spin that could allow you actually skip the ball over water

    There could be special "Shot Shaping" challenges, new types of tournaments and rewards.., An all new world of possibilities... 

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