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2018 Andyson Memorial sign up

Tue, Aug 6 2019 3:58 AM (180 replies)
  • Shedlite
    867 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 6:30 PM

    The Andyson Memorial Tournament for 2018
    Sign ups have started---spread the word (mobile players can do the stroke play but unable to play Match play bracket round - so if you play mobile and decide to play the stroke rounds please state you are a mobile only player so you don't gum up the works for bracket  rounds)

    August 1st tournament begins

    1st round 18hole stroke play St. Andrews)
    2nd round 18hole stroke play (Pebble Beach)
    Andyson Memorial Stroke Play trophy awarded to lowest combined score(including ties)
    Secondary trophy(s) awarded to lowest score for each tier (including ties)

    64 person match play elimination round begins 1week after completion of stroke play rounds (or once the challenge bracket is posted).
    Course will be displayed when rounds begin will consist of 5 9hole match play and a final 18hole match play
    winner receives Andyson Memorial trophy

    The stroke play rounds will play just as they did previous tournaments.
    * You will have 1 week to Post Score once round begins
    * First 18 round completed in the week for that course.
    * Not a Country Club tournament, Not a WGT Tournament. This will be an 18 hole ranked game solo or with others.
    * Score will not count until verified (looking at players score History)after posting score in thread.
    * Failure to post your score in thread may result in no score for round

    64 player match play rounds (pc players only as match play unavailable to mobile players)
    * Top score for each tier in Stroke play Tournament get automatic advance to elimination round(this includes all ties....IE 3 champions tie for lowest score all 3 will advance to elimination round)
    * Remaining spots will be randomly picked from a hat
    * The 64 advancing players will then have name randomly placed for position in bracket
    * Each round of elimination to take no more than 2 weeks
    * Each round will begin after previous round has been completed
    * All games to be played until a winner is declared (game can not end in a tie)
    * Match score to be posted in elimination thread by either player or both
    * It will be up to the players to arrange and play match as soon as possible
    * Failure to complete round will result in a coin toss as to who advances (or a bye to next round opponent)
    * Any withdraw from tournament will result in a bye for your opponent (except round of 64 where a new player will be chosen at random from the remaining stroke play players not previously chosen.

    This will be open to all WGT players (PC only for match play), and quite possible run for 15weeks (start to finish August 1st up to November 13th)


  • Shedlite
    867 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 6:32 PM

    Signed up thus far:

    # Flag Signed Up Tier
    shedlite L
    2 twinponds169 C
    3 Qputts C
    4 Topshelf2010 C
    5 mrcaddie L
    6 K7JBQ L
    7 bigcountry317 C
    8 SlicedPepper C
    9 United Kingdom newcastleb C
    10 Ireland TWOMINUSONE L
    11 United Kingdom WigerToods2010 C
    12 VanMeerV L
    13 GaryK49 L
    14 Opyeuclid TM
    15 drmoose L
    16 Lonniescott711 C
    17 United Kingdom bery111 L
    18 Cuber TM
    19 Australia Alanti C
    20 claremoreblue C
    21 mystry78 C
    22 Canada ROMAX C
    23 overtheedge L
    25 United Kingdom 19cltc67 C
    26 Canada tygerjr C
    27 Ireland duda51 C
    28 Reddog1965 L
    29 Germany MainzMan C
    30 Canada Weley216 C
    31 United Kingdom Bubbsboy C
    32 txzdave L
    33 DufferJohn7 TL
    34 Xlviii L
    35 dacrash TL
    36 British Indian Ocean Territory HittyHard L
    37 Sweden Bowl64 C
    38 United Kingdom amateur4sure C
    39 RonCarr
    40 conveyorguy C
    41 United Kingdom EagleEmily L
    42 Ranger1988 TL
    43 United Kingdom MioKontic TL
    44 biggunky L
    45 Canada WaLkOfLiFe C
    46 Young46 C
    47 RickRaidon P
    48 gonfission L
    49 jason01291 L
    50 Spain abbielb C
    51 Canada kavvz C
    52 stashb TL
    53 Beryman C
    54 United Kingdom whooshdangit L
    55 United Kingdom thegoosebag C
    56 AussieMick11(mobile) C
    57 VEM9000 A
    58 yobooya
    59 sunrisegolfnut L
    60 middbrew(mobile) TL
    61 Ireland akatiger74 L
    62 wleiss L
    63 DonaldKey8798 TL
    64 Germany Vince1776(mobile) C
    65 dandycap C
    66 MLEVIN C
    67 wmkyle C
    68 Australia Breezybaby1811(nomp) L
    69 Australia Tiewaz L
    70 Canada 100plus
    71 FLYERBT L
    72 United Kingdom BitternDXer C
    73 Philippines ysonr(mobile) C
    74 Australia chookie15 TP
    75 Bogeyplus L
    76 United Kingdom Purd1967(mobile) L
    77 Acapulqueno L
    78 borntobesting C
    79 Canada perkadan C
    80 Russia krasnodarrus M
    81 glpark TM
    82 hyrus L
    83 Italy venice12 C
    84 chunter26 TL
    85 BillyHighbeams L
    86 rotund57 C
    87 Buddbirdie C
    88 dekronk L
    89 United Kingdom crainln3 C
    90 pmm711 C
    91 DonCaron L
    92 United Kingdom Tony5587(mobile) L
    93 Canada LeggoMan13 L
    94 Belgium myla4 L
    95 bigmac0957 L
    96 United Kingdom bigburger TL
    97 YoinksAway L
    98 NicNac19
    99 Luxembourg RoggRR L
    100 tiger31 C
    101 Sweden ider75 C
    102 Ireland onekeano C


    Number of players entered by Tier

    47 Champions
    09 Tour Legends
    39 Legends
    03 Tour Masters
    01 Master
    01 Tour Pro
    01 Pro
    01 Amateur

    Remember top player (Plus ties) at each tier Advance to Match Play Elimination

  • twinponds169
    2,643 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 6:45 PM

    Honored to play again.

  • Qputts
    428 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 7:06 PM

    I'm in for 'The Andyson'

  • TopShelf2010
    10,365 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 7:36 PM

    Count me in.

    I will make a post in Grande Oaks to let everyone knows the sign-ups have begun.



  • mrcaddie
    2,429 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 8:14 PM

    Count me in as well Shed.


  • K7JBQ
    1,460 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 8:23 PM

    I'm in, had a great time last year, wouldn't miss it.



  • bigcountry317
    4,263 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 9:56 PM

    In please, thanks!

  • SlicedPepper
    796 Posts
    Tue, Jul 3 2018 9:59 PM

    I will play this year but it will be my last.

    WGT just doesn't hold my interest any longer.

  • newcastleb
    1,813 Posts
    Wed, Jul 4 2018 12:46 AM

    I'm in again please & thank-you