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Daily Motivation

Fri, Mar 5 2021 8:24 AM (1,076 replies)
  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Oct 4 2019 8:29 AM

    Friday, October 4, 2019

    All along the way

    You don’t really win by causing others to lose. You win by doing something of value.

    Your ability to truly win is independent of what other people do. Winning exists in the process more than the result.

    Yes, you want the result to be positive and valuable. That’s how you determine the nature and extent of your effort.

    Yet the winning does not come only in the reward. The winning comes also in everything you do to reach the reward.

    You are living life in every moment, and you wouldn’t want the reward to only be at the end. For the reward to be maximized, it must be present throughout the whole process.

    Choose the priorities and actions that enable you to win not just at the end of the undertaking, but all along the way. Every day, every moment, take the opportunity to truly win.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, Oct 5 2019 8:36 AM

    Saturday, October 5, 2019

    Allow joy to live

    Sometimes, missing out on what you enjoy gives you the opportunity to discover something else you’ll enjoy more. Rather than being resentful about the way life unfolds, be enthusiastic about the unfolding possibilities.

    When you so choose, you can make every moment a new adventure. Dare to go beyond what’s comfortable and familiar, and uncover new pathways to express your purpose.

    You’ve learned that you love and enjoy many people, places, activities. Give yourself the chance to learn how much more you can love.

    This day, this place, this situation might be much more fulfilling than you’re allowing it to be. Instead of wishing for the enjoyment of doing something else, create a new kind of joy out of right now.

    Let the moment be. Let yourself live the goodness of it.

    Don’t make your joy dependent on some narrow, specific configuration of reality. Allow joy to live and thrive, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Oct 7 2019 8:32 AM

    Monday, October 7, 2019

    Pay attention to your wishes

    Do you wish to have all your work for the day finished? Then devote your time to doing it, now and until it is done.

    Your wishes will show you what to do, but they won’t do it. That’s your job, your responsibility, your privilege.

    Do you wish you had done things differently in the past? That’s a wish you can’t fulfill, yet it’s one you can use to improve your life as you move forward.

    Although you can no longer prevent the mistakes of your past, you can stop yourself from repeating them. That will make a real and positive difference in your life.

    On their own, your wishes won’t make anything happen. However, informed and inspired by those wishes, you can make a lot of great things happen.

    Pay attention to your wishes, and then get to work. Today, and every day, you have the opportunity to make your best wishes come true.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Oct 8 2019 8:28 AM

    Tuesday, October 8, 2019

    Love the moment

    Love the moment. Love the day.

    Love the circumstance and those you share it with. Love the challenges and the opportunity they provide to make a difference.

    Love the way daylight fades into dusk. Love each new season and the change it brings.

    Love the mystery that will always remain beyond your ability to know. Love the time-tested values that provide a foundation for lasting richness.

    Love what you remember and all you can look forward to. Love the joy, the effort, the tears, the laughter, the tumult, the stillness.

    Love life, in its grand expanse and its minuscule details. Love that you can give your best, always, to all you love.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, Oct 9 2019 11:47 AM

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019


    You can influence the future but you cannot control it. Keep that distinction in mind.

    If everything were to happen according to plan, life would be terribly monotonous. Much of what you treasure in life, you didn’t know about in advance.

    People, activities, knowledge, concepts will surprise you, and that’s a good thing. Life is open-ended, no matter how diligently you prepare for it.

    Accept that open-endedness. Be okay with not knowing, with being surprised every now and then.

    True, some of the surprises won’t be pleasant. Yet all of them give you the chance to add some new aspect to the richness of life.

    Do your best to create a good future, but don’t reject life if it’s not precisely the way you imagined it. Welcome the surprises, and take each one as an opportunity to feel more fully alive.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Thu, Oct 10 2019 12:42 PM

    Thursday, October 10, 2019

    Renewed determination

    Are you disappointed that you haven’t gotten more done by now? Feel the disappointment, and then transform it into inspiration.

    You can’t travel backwards in time, so there’s no use wishing you could change what’s already happened. What you can do now is travel forward with renewed determination.

    Remind yourself that it’s never too late to make a positive difference. Each dawning day delivers new opportunities to act, to achieve, to set things right, to move forward.

    If you know you could have done more, now is your time to do it. Allow fresh, new energy to well up within you, and put that energy to immediate use.

    Some time has already passed, yet more time is now becoming available. Make the choice to use that time wisely, productively, purposefully.

    Let your past disappointment push you to act and to persist so that you won’t be disappointed again. You can get it done, and now is when.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Oct 11 2019 11:25 AM

    Friday, October 11, 2019

    Purposeful activities

    Your success is not determined by how busy you are. It is determined by how well your accomplishments satisfy your purpose.

    Living a meaningful life is not necessarily about racking up a profusion of impressive feats. Having much to boast about is not the same as having much to live for.

    Yes, be ambitious. And make sure it means something, to you, to your world, your values, your purpose.

    What good things would you do even if no one would ever know you had done them? What places would you visit just for the experience, not for the selfie photos or bragging rights?

    Do those things, go to those places. When deciding what to do, make sure it means something.

    Merely being busy for the sake of being busy rewards you with anxiety and not much else. It’s being purposeful in the activities you choose, that brings you true fulfillment.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, Oct 12 2019 11:18 AM

    Saturday, October 12, 2019

    Rein in your brain

    Rein in your brain. Think about what you do before you do it, but don’t overthink.

    Think it through, then quickly act on what you think. Keep your thoughts going, but don’t let them stop you from making progress.

    Are there things you’ve thought of doing, things you’ve wanted to do, that you’re not doing? Stop thinking about them so much and start acting on them.

    Honor and value your thoughts by committing them to action. Go ahead, take the first step, and then keep going.

    Your thoughts are powerful, and it’s easy to let them become a substitute for action. It’s much better, though, to let your thoughts push you into action.

    Doing what you intend to do is not really that difficult. Just stop thinking so much about it, and start acting on it.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Oct 14 2019 11:41 AM

    Monday, October 14, 2019

    Let yourself do your best

    Don’t let the strength of your intention get in the way of fulfilling that intention. Don’t let your obsession with a specific result diminish the quality of that result.

    Let go, and let yourself do your best. Lose yourself in the process, and allow your anxiety to melt away.

    Focus, but don’t obsess. Put forth effort, but don’t needlessly escalate it into a struggle.

    Know what you are aiming to achieve while keeping your awareness on the step you’re currently taking. Invest yourself in a positive outcome but don’t base your whole identity on that outcome.

    Put your energy into making your efforts effective, not into worrying about where your efforts will lead. Build the next level, write the next sentence, make the next call, visualize the next step and take it.

    Seek to make it about what you’re doing, not about you, not about what you’ll get. And you’ll enable yourself to consistently work with excellence.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Oct 15 2019 12:30 PM

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019

    Envision goodness

    There have always been serious problems in the world. Even so, a whole lot of people have made a whole lot of amazing progress.

    Today, difficult, frustrating challenges exist in your world, your town, your life. And right along with those challenges are plenty of valuable opportunities.

    You can live a positive, meaningful life in a world that’s too often negative. Because you have the power to envision goodness and then bring that goodness to life.

    The status quo may be oppressive and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to remain the status quo. You can see a better way, you can resolutely go in that direction, and invite others to come along.

    Decide you’ll find a way to turn the problems around so they add to your progress rather than detract from it. Commit yourself to a positive perspective that guides you in making constant changes for the better.

    See the difficulties clearly, acknowledge the challenges fully. Then envision goodness, and do the work to make that goodness happen.


    — Ralph Marston