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Daily Motivation

Wed, Jan 26 2022 9:29 AM (1,377 replies)
  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, Jul 29 2020 10:29 AM

    Wednesday, July 29, 2020

    Be the answer

    Don’t wish for some magical, instant answer to all the problems you see. Seek instead to be the answer.

    Be the answer in the way you live each moment. Be the answer in the thoughts you entertain, in the values to which you adhere.

    You have minimal influence over what others say or do or think or feel. Yet you have pretty much total control over the way you are.

    So make good use of what you have. Live with the goodness you treasure, in every word, in every effort, in every interaction.

    It’s what you can do, and it is significant. Live well, on a human scale, and your modest goodness serves to lift the world in ways far beyond what you can imagine.

    The best answers to life’s problems are not ones that are forced, but ones that are freely chosen and faithfully lived. Be the answer, live the answer.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Thu, Jul 30 2020 8:59 AM

    Thursday, July 30, 2020

    Into stillness

    In stillness you can hear yourself think. In stillness you can remember who you are.

    In stillness you gain perspective. In stillness you connect to purpose.

    If you so choose, every waking hour can be filled with information, entertainment, stimulation, and excitement. But that’s not your best choice.

    Give yourself time and space for contemplation. Give yourself the opportunity to peacefully experience the depth of your own being.

    All the bright rectangles bursting with color and motion and sound are intoxicating. They evoke reality, yet they are not even close to the sum of reality.

    Arrange yourself into some stillness every so often. And reconnect with the deep, rich reality of your own rare and precious existence.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Jul 31 2020 8:46 AM

    Friday, July 31, 2020

    Flip the negative

    People, events, situations can leave you confused, frightened, angry, or resentful, often by design. Yet you can always choose a more empowered response.

    Engage positively in life. Flip the negative influences on their head so they inspire you rather than bring you down.

    Take a proactive approach to your own sense of well being. Absorb whatever energy is pointed your way and transform it into a force for goodness.

    No one else has a right to control how you feel. So don’t give anyone the chance.

    You’re very familiar with what inspires you to be your best. Make that your focus, and make good, helpful, productive living your outcome.

    Flip the negative influences and commit yourself to being a positive presence in life. There’s a whole lot of good you can do by being you, so enable all that goodness to unfold.


    — Ralph Marston

  • dhjam1
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    Fri, Jul 31 2020 8:53 AM

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Jul 31 2020 8:57 AM

    Ahhhhh, I Love this little guy and thanks for posting dhjam1.  :-)


  • dhjam1
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    Fri, Jul 31 2020 9:33 AM


    Ahhhhh, I Love this little guy and thanks for posting dhjam1.  :-)


    You're welcome ­čśü

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, Aug 1 2020 11:53 AM

    Saturday, August 1, 2020

    Eager to be proven wrong

    What is there that you cannot see? What is in front of you that you choose not to notice?

    What you know of life is considerable, yet there is much more you don’t know. All that you don’t know provides an endless pathway for discovery and improvement.

    Can you open yourself to the possibility that you might not be sufficiently informed? If so, you will right away begin to be better informed.

    Humility makes you much smarter than smugness. It also makes you more enjoyable, effective, and interesting.

    The point of knowledge is not to prove how much you have or how right you are. The value of knowledge is in applying it with useful and practical action.

    Embrace the opportunity that exists in all you do not know. Be eager to be proven wrong, and learn how to live even better than you already do.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Aug 3 2020 8:39 AM

    Monday, August 3, 2020

    In your hands today

    Think of how today will look from the perspective of tomorrow. Think of how this month will look from the perspective of next year.

    Are there opportunities you will wish you had taken advantage of? Are there efforts you’ll wish you had made or destructive habits you’ll wish you had abandoned?

    Today you have a combination of time and resources that you’ll never have again. Today you can envision a better world and actually move toward it.

    The quality of your future is in your hands today. That’s a profound opportunity, one you deserve to fully utilize while you can.

    Today you’re able to send good and valuable things ahead to tomorrow and beyond. You can give the rest of your life added confidence, satisfaction, effectiveness, and richness.

    Imagine yourself looking back on today with gratitude and admiration. Now, do what you can do to make sure that really happens.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Aug 4 2020 8:58 AM

    Tuesday, August 4, 2020

    Do your part

    Notice and understand the difficulties, the things out of balance, but don’t obsess endlessly over them. Instead, focus on what you can do to make things better.

    When the outside world offers nothing but despair, that’s the time to fill your inside thoughts with hope. When the situation is going downhill, point your own intentions in a higher, more beneficial direction.

    The negativity is bad enough on its own, so don’t add to it with your thoughts. Choose to center your thinking on positive alternatives.

    That doesn’t require you to be unrealistic about what’s going on. On the contrary, it puts you in the best position to improve on whatever difficulties have arisen.

    Clearly see those difficulties without letting them dominate your thinking. Call upon the power of your values, your vision, your faith and positive expectations.

    No, you won’t improve the whole world on your own, yet you absolutely can improve yourself. So do that, and do your part to make life a more positive and fulfilling experience.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, Aug 5 2020 10:46 AM

    Wednesday, August 5, 2020

    Enjoy the goodness

    Take time to see the beauty. Allow yourself to enjoy the goodness of being alive.

    In every moment is the potential for new value, new fulfillment, new discovery. Keep your heart, your thoughts, your awareness open to the possibilities.

    Bright green leaves dance gently in the breeze as clouds drift slowly across the sky. Treasure the opportunity to be a part of the wonder.

    Life’s difficulties are real but they are far from unbearable. Though the challenges demand much of your attention, you also have many things to be thankful for.

    Remind yourself often of those things. And make plenty of room in your life to enjoy them.

    You’re deeply invested in the life you live. So live it well, and enjoy the goodness that is always with you.


    — Ralph Marston