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Daily Motivation

Mon, Jan 24 2022 11:30 AM (1,375 replies)
  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Feb 26 2021 8:20 AM

    Friday, February 26, 2021

    Energy level

    How do you know what’s right for you and what’s not? One good way is to pay attention to your energy level.

    There are people, places, activities, and thoughts that make you feel more energetic. There are certain environments, challenges, concepts, and rhythms that raise your energy level.

    What can you do to bring more of those things into your life? How can you add a little more energy to your experience right now?

    Notice what energizes you, and notice also what drains you. Orient yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually, in ways that keep you in a more positive and energetic state.

    You are in a constant state of interaction with many different aspects of existence. By strategically selecting the most empowering interactions, you can vastly improve the quality of your life.

    Energy is an essential and defining component of your being. Do all you can to make that energy plentiful and positive.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, Feb 27 2021 8:23 AM

    Saturday, February 27, 2021

    Detach yourself

    Detach yourself from the negative things and those things lose their power over you. Detach yourself from the good things and you’ll enable yourself to enjoy them more.

    Reality is what it is, and you cannot change what already is. What you can do, though, is to stop being burdened by your own need.

    Make every day an adventure rather than a chore. Embrace what comes your way instead of being fearful of it or dependent on it.

    Detachment does not mean avoiding commitment. It means avoiding unnecessary entanglement, and acting as the unique and purposeful force that you are.

    You can be highly committed to people, objectives, and ideals while at the same time being detached from them. Doing so enables you to act with the power of love rather than the weakness of need.

    Detach yourself, and free yourself to embrace life with love, with purpose, with intention. Detach yourself, and you can then involve yourself in the most positive, authentic way possible.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Mar 1 2021 7:59 AM

    Monday, March 1, 2021

    Big impact

    Sure, you want to find ways to make a big difference. But in your zeal to do so, don’t overlook all the opportunities to make a small difference.

    Incremental improvements are not dramatic or glamorous. Most people probably won’t even notice them at all.

    Yet that doesn’t mean those small, incremental improvements are unimportant. Indeed, they are the way that almost all progress is made.

    The most highly educated people do not gain all their knowledge in a single, spectacular event. That knowledge is built incrementally, one page of one book at a time, one lecture at a time, one experience at a time.

    Successful enterprises do not spring into being fully formed. They are built, hour after hour, week after week, with plain old ordinary effort.

    Are you looking to make a big difference, to have a big impact on life? Then seize every chance to make a small difference, for those differences are what will add up to the big impact you seek.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Mar 2 2021 9:25 AM

    Tuesday, March 2, 2021

    Go with what unfolds

    You cannot arrange a perfect experience in advance. What you can do is embrace whatever experience comes, and make the very best of it.

    Take reasonable precautions, make detailed plans if you wish. But don’t avoid life’s genuine experiences just because you’re unable to perfect them in advance.

    Much of the value of any experience is contained in what you didn’t expect. If you’re reluctant to be surprised, afraid to be challenged, you’ll miss out on that value.

    Sure, you have your preferences and expectations. But don’t let your obsession with them limit the quality of your experience.

    Go with what unfolds. Invest yourself in the unique beauty of each moment as it comes.

    Treasure the unplanned, the unexpected, those surprises that paint the world in a shade you’ve never seen before. They are prominent among the experiences that add real richness to your life.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Wed, Mar 3 2021 7:22 AM

    Wednesday, March 3, 2021

    You will solve this

    You will solve this. You will get through this.

    Take a breath, invite serenity into your being. Think clearly, act intentionally.

    The moment feels lost, out of control. Yet the moment will pass and you will remain, willing, able, empowered, inspired to move forward.

    You will zero in on what to do and you will carry that out. You always have and you always will.

    You will find balance and the ability to maintain it. You will move closer to truth and your life will find new benefit in its positive and uplifting power.

    You can deal with this, and do so with success. And once you do you’ll find yourself that much closer to the best of who you can be.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Thu, Mar 4 2021 8:51 AM

    Thursday, March 4, 2021


    Competence is what keeps you alive. Across all species, across all environments, across all time, life is defined and made possible by achievement, ability, competence.

    If you have food on your plate it is because of competence. If you are sheltered from stormy weather you have competence to thank.

    Love, compassion, and kindness are essential to a good and meaningful life, yet they are not sufficient. If you are to give your love, if you are to offer your care, you must be alive to do so, and that is possible only with competence.

    Life has boundless possibilities but it also has very specific requirements. You can live extremely well within life’s harsh parameters, but only when lots of competent people are well rewarded for getting good things done.

    Even the most highly competent people and institutions have their flaws. Yet as serious as those flaws may be, their existence is no reason to denigrate or discard competence itself.

    Seek competence, celebrate competence, value competence, reward the competence of others. It makes possible your life, all that you love, and all the good things you can do.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Mar 5 2021 8:24 AM

    Friday, March 5, 2021

    Lift up the lives around you

    If you always dominate the conversation, you’ll be invited into fewer and fewer conversations. If you always cheat at the game, very soon no one will want to play with you.

    It is in your own interest to restrain your own interest. Because your own well being is interwoven with the well being of others.

    Your most rewarding goal is not to always win at any cost. Your most rewarding goal is to develop and maintain a world where as many people as possible can win.

    That doesn’t mean denying or opposing your own self interest. It means understanding your self interest from a broad perspective.

    Success is not an isolated phenomenon. Though success is built through individual effort, the greatest successes are those that encompass and benefit the most individuals.

    Seek always to succeed in ways that inspire and enable many others to succeed. Lift up the lives around you, for that is the most dependable and fulfilling way to lift your own life as well.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Sat, Mar 6 2021 11:34 AM

    Saturday, March 6, 2021

    Better with every effort

    In order to be smart you must ask stupid questions. In order to gain new skills and wisdom you must be willing to look like a fool.

    No one rides a bicycle perfectly on the first attempt. The only way to become graceful at it is to start as an awkward beginner.

    Is there something you’re reluctant to attempt because you’ll look bad at first? Well, you’ll look even worse if you’re always afraid to do it.

    To get good at it you have to go through being bad at it. The way to do anything well is to give yourself permission to do it poorly for a while.

    From the moment you were born you’ve been improving your skills and abilities. Give that positive trend new avenues where it can continue.

    Admit you don’t know, accept that you can’t do it, and then challenge yourself to learn. Encourage and enable yourself to get better and better with every effort.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Mon, Mar 8 2021 8:22 AM

    Monday, March 8, 2021

    Pathway to improvement

    You deserve better than what you’ve been giving yourself. You deserve to be more purposeful, more disciplined, more filled with joy and authentic richness.

    Every minute of every day is a new opportunity to fully engage with the one-of-a-kind miracle that is your life. Take hold of those opportunities and live them for all they’re worth, for all you’re worth.

    Feel each disappointment as it arises, and let it illuminate a pathway to improvement. Experience the satisfactions that come, allowing them to further enlighten and instruct you.

    You deserve, and life itself deserves, the best you can be. Seek to improve upon last year, last week, five minutes ago.

    Avoid wasting your energy on envy for what others have or resentment about what anyone else is doing. Concentrate on being more skillful, focused, and effective in advancing all you love and treasure.

    In everything that happens is a pathway to improvement. See that path, keep yourself on it, and commit yourself to going where it leads.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper
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    Tue, Mar 9 2021 8:27 AM

    Tuesday, March 9, 2021

    Accept this moment

    Accept the moment that is, as it is. Settle into it, easing away from dissatisfaction with the past, away from concern about the future.

    Accept the situation that is, as it is. Once you do, you give yourself the power to transcend it.

    Acceptance is about right now, and doesn’t mean you’re forever fine with the way things are. It means you’re clear, realistic, able to focus, able to act in beneficial ways.

    Let go of your racing thoughts about what could have been, what might or might not happen. Stop second guessing yourself and center your thoughts and actions around a positive intention.

    What’s done is done, and now is the time to make good use of it. Whatever challenges may loom ahead, the best way to meet them is with clarity and meaningful purpose.

    Keep all your energy pointed toward what you can do right now to support those things that truly matter. Accept this moment fully, and empower yourself to create maximum value with it.


    — Ralph Marston