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Docs Place Now Welcoming New Members

Sat, Sep 19 2020 9:04 AM (138 replies)
  • jimreser
    18 Posts
    Wed, Nov 21 2018 5:42 PM

    Sounds like a great club but not looking to leave BirdieBoyz right now.

    My question is about your handicap system.  I have been trying to develop one for my CC but I am looking for any and all suggestions.


    If you see fit to pass along your system, it would be greatly appreciated.

    If you see fit email me at

    No matter what you chose I hope your CC grows and is successful



    Jim Reser

  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Thu, Nov 22 2018 7:53 AM
    Hello Jim. Our tourney director, Skip (Penguinskip) does a fantastic job handling our tourneys and stats. He designed and handles our handicap system. We have a weekly Points Based Tourney also, and the scores players shoot in that each week are what he derives the handicaps from. I'll put you in touch with him, or just send him a friend request. I'm sure he'll be happy to help out. Thanks for your reply and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family.
  • PenguinSkip
    1,732 Posts
    Fri, Nov 23 2018 6:25 PM

    Jim, hi i'm the tournament director for Doc's Place, if you would send me a friends request you and I can get together and I can explain how we do our handicaps. Doc said your interested just let me know when you want to get together.


  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Fri, Nov 23 2018 6:46 PM
    Skip has, Raidcall, Teamspeak and Discord for voice chat programs Jim. So if you have any of those, you 2 will be able to talk directly to each other about a Handicap System.


  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Sun, Dec 23 2018 10:53 AM

    We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Fri, Dec 28 2018 11:53 AM
    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We are still open for a few more active members. Lot's to do here and very friendly members. Come on by and join the fun.
  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Tue, Jan 1 2019 8:13 AM

  • JEvans10006
    63 Posts
    Tue, Jan 1 2019 6:21 PM name is Jake. I’m currently a level 80 legend tier. I’m doing ok with the game...but don’t think I’m getting everything I want out of it. My cc is pretty numb. Besides the guy running it there is no interaction between members. I’m interested in joining your club...if you have any interest please let me know. 

  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Wed, Jan 2 2019 6:13 AM

    Hello Jake. I sent you a friend request. I will be in touch. I'm sure you will like it here. Lot's to do and very friendly and helpful members. We use Discord and Teamspeak as our voice chat programs also. See you soon buddy.


  • Doc58
    5,415 Posts
    Fri, Jan 18 2019 10:31 AM

    Still can't send out any club invites. But I can surely accept request. If you're and active player who is looking for an active club with lot's of tourneys, multiplayer matches, and great members. You'll find it here.

    Doesn't hurt to have a look around and see for yourself. We use Discord and Teamspeak as our chat programs. Come on by check us out. You can view our website here.....