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wgt credits

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Mon, Oct 12 2009 5:15 AM (4 replies)
  • Middleton3772
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    Sat, Oct 3 2009 5:47 AM

    I have 100 credits that I rec'd when I played my first game on WGT.  I have no idea why I rec'd them and I am curious how one aquires more credits w/o buying them?

  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Sat, Oct 3 2009 6:16 AM

    Hello, you received your credits from moving up to the Pro Tier on WGT (use the search box on the right for more info). To get more credits, you have to place in the Top 70 in WGT-sponsored tournaments. Thank you!

  • Joeyola
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    Sat, Oct 10 2009 7:22 PM

    I received additional credits when I was put in the Master tier as well.  There is also info about this in the HELP/FAQ below.


  • Bromilow
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    Mon, Oct 12 2009 3:32 AM

    so how many credits will i get for finnishing tied 18th in the monthly unlimited tourny?

  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Mon, Oct 12 2009 5:15 AM

    Hi Bromilow, the amount of credits you will receive depends on how many the tournament is giving out. If you go to the home page of the tournament, it will show you how many credits it is allotting to each tier; then go to the "Deposits & Credits" section of the FAQ to the right of your screen to find out what percentage of the total credits you will receive. Bear in mind that this will be affected by the amount of people who are tied with you, because if places 18 to x are tied, then the places' percentage of the total pool is averaged out. So you might receive, for example (not necessarily true), 1% of the pool if you were alone in 18th, but if 18-35th are all tied then you might receive 0.9%. You can figure out exactly how many you will receive yourself, but the easiest thing to do, as I said above, is to find the rough estimate based on the prize pool and the FAQ. Good luck.