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Sat, May 7 2022 5:53 PM (542 replies)
  • MioKontic
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 9:50 AM

    Hamden - something to bear in mind, it's not necessarily where you are standing that is important, but the camera view that is 'in focus'.  So there's probably a small circle that you could be in to have the correct camera view.

  • MioKontic
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 10:39 AM

    I've spent some more time on the 8th hole, behind the tee, directly to the left and right of the tee, up to 75yds on the hill to the left of the tee, and up to 165yds in the rough to the right of the tee.  No luck  :(

  • HamdenPro
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 1:13 PM


    I was reviewing notes, and post, and forgot to ask before:

    I been looking all over for a while and do not see any wells. Are you sure they are near da wells? If so, can you direct me to them?

  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 1:37 PM


  • HamdenPro
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 1:54 PM

    Never mind...


  • HamdenPro
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    Thu, Dec 23 2021 10:57 PM

    But as I am not allowed to play wit sharp things I cant open the box .

    Problem solved.

    Technically, they are not sharp.

    EDIT:  Wearing a tin foil hat is never embarrassing, until someone else finds a picture in an old thread.

  • HamdenPro
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    Fri, Dec 24 2021 8:15 AM


    Ahhhh, nothing beats waking up in the morning, knowing you do not have to go to work


    Looked outside and was happy to see fresh snow. The first real snow of the season for us and it could not have come at a more perfect time.


    I was feeling so good, and, usually, when I am in such moods, I think silly things and laugh to myself, today was no different so here’s Yancy the Elf.


    I hope you enjoy -


    Twas the night before Christmas, and on CB number nine

    The greenskeeper was laughing, whilst he hid hole eight’s sign;


    Laughing at us, I will wager a bet,

    Mio gonna be pissed, and OPY upset;


    While he giggled and mumbled and thought to himself,

    Yancy appeared, all dressed as an elf;

    What are you doing, you know that’s not right;

    The greenskeeper grinned, and laughed at the sight;


    He tipped his hat, and gave nod and a wink,

    What am I doing, what do you think;

    I am hiding these signs, to make it real tough;

    I’m thinkin of stashing them in 70 degree rough;


    Oh Yancy he said, you abandoned the quest,

    So go away large elf, your becoming a pest;

    Yancy pointed his finger, glared and shook his head,

    “If they find out, you know you are dead”,


    Yancy shouted, lectured and scolded the man;

    Using words and whatnots as only he Can;

     It took years to find seven, and he gave him a slap;

    Stop it at once, stop all of this crap;


    The greenskeeper shook, and stomped on the ground;

    The signs shall be hidden, and never to be found;

    As Yancy continued to clear the night air;

    The greenskeeper stood there with a blank stare;


    Now listen to me, the Greenskeeper said,

    You leave me alone, and you go back to bed,

    I will hide my signs as I do please;

    As he grabbed Yancy’s neck and began to squeeze;


    Yancy fought back with such might and strength;

    Picked the greenskeeper up, and held him at length;

    Now you listen to me, and you listen well;

    You put number 8 sign back or I will go tell,


    So the groundskeeper did what he knew was right,

    Then turned to Yancy and wished him good night,

    Are the signs still there, I do not know

    I will look for them later, after I play in the snow.



    Don't forget to Look for Scott in the XMAS game thread. I have been thinking, I might just do a weekly WHERE'S SCOTT - Why? You may ask - It was actually quite fun cutting and pasting those hats on all those cats.

    Oh, if you had not noticed, Scott was hidden in the picture of Yancy at is in the previous page of this thread.

    Now, if no one saw that, there is no way we are going to find the signs.

  • MioKontic
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    Fri, Dec 24 2021 10:26 AM


  • opyeuclid
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    Fri, Dec 24 2021 5:03 PM


    Problem solved.

    Technically, they are not sharp.

    Thank you in more ways than one , dragin up a old pic and the not so sharp box  opener .  I sat here for several hours hacking away at one corner as the cat watched .  As it was Christmas eve I broke out the " cat nip " . What better was to open a gift you cant open with out a little help from a friend .   a little nip inside the open corner and it was like watching a chain saw .  the timmid kitten named pipper not only opened the box but went on a rampage .  I locked my self in the bathroom 3 hours ago and all is still .   Good thing is I had time to clean the bathroom as the New slighty scratched lap top booted up .

    Now off to troll the foums and  maybe play a game 




  • HamdenPro
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    Wed, Dec 29 2021 9:56 AM

    It has been a few days since we had a pow wow to determine how now, and we need to avow somehow, what we going to do to find these signs, presuming they exist, unless it is just a bunch of cow***, WOW!

    So, I suggest we form a posse and ride out and find those signs.